FREEEE Self Storage Marketing Calendar – 2 days only

Well I am always learning new things and hope you are too.  As they say if your coasting your going down hill.  Anyway I just learned when I have a book on the amazons KDP program I can give it away free.  So on sunday Dec 30th & Monday Dec. 31 my marketing calendar will be free at 

Having a marketing calendar will not only save you a ton of time but I guarantee it will make you a ton of extra cash as well.

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The social marketing appears to be endless. is one of the fastest growing sites.  So after your facebook page is up in running this may be a good place to tell your self storage story in photos.  Follow our pinterest site for self storage construction and marketing via pictures and examples.

Elf Storage


Elf Storage

Some people make it happen, somepeople watch it happen and some people wonder what happened.

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I just heard from Marisa at MSS this morning.  She Rented a unit to a person who came in for the Elf Christmas wrapping this morning.

FREE Self Storage Marketing Calendar for 2013

It is that time of the year again.  Self storage slows down a bit and you can enjoy the holidays.  And start your planning for next year.  It is time to prepare your marketing plan for 2013.  To give you a huge head start I have prepared a monthly Self Storage Marketing Calendar.  It provides 10 simple marketing tasks for each month of the year.

A marketing calendar is a tremendous planning tool.  First you have the basic marketing schedule for the year so you don’t forget (or remember last minute) the basics and have the time to concentrate on new marketing.  It is great for  new employees who are not aware of the importance of the basic month to month self storage marketing.

For the next 90 days it is only available at  I put it exclusively on amazon for 90 days so it would be available for free.  You can buy it for $2.99 or if you belong to the kindle program you can get it for free during certain days  the next 90 days.

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First Step

It so true the first step is the hardest – I am sure if you just start your 2013 marketing plan today you will get excited about your future possibilities!

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