Most Self Storage place a couple (if not more) of paid ads every year.  Are they worth while?  Typically if you get two paid clients because of the add it was worth it.  You got customers and kept your name in front of the general public so they will think of you when it is their time to rent.

We just placed an add on 30,000  placemats for a local restaurant for less than a single add in the newspaper.  I just received the ad proof and reviewed all the ads on the placemat.  None of them, except ours, had a call to action or offered a discount.  Ours did both.  I make most of our ads like coupons. Just the “coupon dashes” boxing our add attracts the eye to our add.   This get people thinking of savings and encourages them to cut the add out.  In this ad  I offered $50 off the first months rent.

I also like to tell them a simple reason why us over the competition.   Something to the effect ” Our goal is to delight our customers”  it reminds us of our standard & gives them a reason to try the best.

Because our ad is a coupon it is real simple for us to keep track of how many people rent due to the add.  If I don’t get coupons back in the next year I will try something new.  If I get 2 or 3 back I will renew for the next 30,000 placemats.  If I get 10 or 15 back I will buy restaurant placement ads for any restaurant within 10 miles of our Facility.


To Success!

Don't forget your Logo


ps – you might have noticed this is for my self storage in the french territory of Caraquet NB




5′ x 5′ units, 5’x5’x5′ lockers, Delivery Lockers, Post Office Boxes

Why not have what clients want.  I was just at a self storage that was all 10 x 20 units with just some 10 x 20 units.  While this may be an extreme I have been to many facilities that do not have any 5 x 5 x 5 lockers or 5 x 15 units.  People really do need and rent small units.  And the smaller the unit the higher the rent per square foot.

Typically 5’x5’x5′ lockers are double stacked in the climate control buildings ( see picture) and  rent for $49.  Or $4 a square foot of floor space (remember double stacked). That is over 500% more per sf than what

5' x 5' x 5' Lockers to increase your profits!

a typical 10 x 20 rents for!  And the price per sf even gets higher for smaller units & mail boxes.

Here is a delivery locker by amazon:  Amazon Delivery Locker  I have not personally seen the Amazon Delivery lockers in use but certainly not out of the question.  Sure you would have to be in a metropolitan area.  Maybe you could develop your own delivery system without Amazon?

Were in the storage business!!  If you don’t have any 5 x 15 units its time to order some steel and new doors and cut a half dozen 10 x 15 in half.



Just Right Feeling

Its a new year and so much to do but one thing we need to do every day.  Ask yourself  is there one simple (or even hard) I can do today or do better every day to give our prospects that “just feels right” feeling.  In the winter time (in the north) a daily clean up of the snow can immediately give your clients “that just feels right” feeling,

2 blizzards in 4 day - enough already - haha

especially if they just came from you competitions site with snow pilled up against every door.

How about a nice winter window design.

How about offering them a hot coffee or a candy as soon as they walk in – the longer they stay the longer you have to get to know each other.

How about making sure the place is clean.