Self Storage Consulting Services for Peace of Mind and Profits.


Self Storage Consulting Services for Peace of Mind and Profits.

Soon I will be updating my self storage web site to stream line the process and make it easy for both of us to get started making your goals come true.  But in the mean time here are options for you to consider or we can customize a plan to meet your needs.


On Site Consultations designed to meet your specific needs.

$1,500/day + expenses            Buy Now


On Site Sales & Marketing Presentation for owners and staff, 2 hours.

$399 + expenses            Buy Now


Marketing Your Self Storage to increase occupancy and profits now.

Six month premium email &phone package.

$399/6 months                        Buy Now


Plan – Design – Build your first self storage facility.

Six month premium email & phone package.

$399/6 months                        Buy Now


Detailed Review of Your Self Storage Site Plan.         

 $399 1st review            Buy Now            $99 each additional review.            Buy Now

 Prior to purchasing please email me at to review your needs and details for each of the above services.

All services are tailored for your specific needs with the goal of providing ideas, tips and directions for you to implement at your facility to increase occupancy and profits and efficiency.

To Your Self Storage Success!


Lets make the customers happy & fill up your units!

# 2 Single Most Important Self Storage Marketing That Is A Must!

The first thing we want to do in Self Storage marketing is to make sure our potential clients notice us in a positive way and remember us.  And of course when they make the rental decision who to choose, their minds are all ready made up to choose us or that at least our facility will be visited in the rental decision process. Do you know or have you guessed what are the number 1 and 2 most important self storage marketing things to get people to your front door?


# 1  The drive by experience!  If people say wow what a great looking self storage facility and remember your facility name you are on the right tract.  Oh and by the way the wow factor is based upon so much more than just the building appearance – but thats for another time.


#2 – The internet – More specifically the number one way people will find you – on your web site  – More specifically your web sites HOME PAGE!

I know a bunch of you are about ready to stop reading – because you are thinking you have a web site but read on, there is more to the story and a free offer for you.  Overall web sites taken as a whole are good but most home pages (and thats what counts) do not meet the grade.  A majority of people go to the web to review self storages on line before they actually decide which site(s) to rent from or visit.

In about 3-7 seconds on your home page a prospective renter has decided weather to include your facility in their decision procees or not, long before they visit a second web page.  How does your home page compare to your competitions?  Have a friend check out you home page and 3 of your competitor.  Ask them to go to each one for ten seconds only.  Then asked which one they liked the best.  Ask which one was most professional. Ask which home page provided the most information.  Ask which site they would choose based  on the home page only.  You may be surprised and need to upgrade your home page.

  • People read from top to bottom – so put the most important things at the top – top banner & pictures.
  • A top banner for style that clearly includes your company name. Include your logo and a short 3 word description like “We make storage simple.”

Pictures tell a thousands words!

  • Pictures are next – people believe pictures and only half of what they read if the read at all.  In fact you should use pictures in several places on your home page.
  • People read the right and left sides of a page and save the words in the middle for last – so you can have tabs/pictures maybe boxed on one side or both that will catch the eye and give a message without even going to the linked page.
  • Every home page should have a simple one sentence statement that tells why you are different. Maybe something like:
                               Mansfield Self Storage is a state of the art storage facility committed to making your storage experience simple and easy.
  • Every home page should have a welcome message “signed” from the owner or manager

                             “Our aim is to delight you, our customer”,  Marc Goodin, Owner

  • Of course we know people go to our web site to get our phone number but they also go to get our office hours – make it easy for customers – put your office hours on the home page.  don’t forget to add your gate hours – we don’t want renters thinking they only have access to their stuff during office hours.
  • Your goal of the home page is for clients to take action and contact you.  A good home page will get the potential client to rent on line now or visit your site.  But if they do not need storage for a couple of weeks or longer it is still very valuable to have these future clients take action.  The easiest way is to have a statement ” Call or email us for our Pamphlet  – 7 Things everyone needs to know before renting self storage.
  • If you have at least 5 features and benefits on your home page you are on the right tract.  Don’t forget a picture can often provided features better than the written word.
  • If your site is hard to find or if you want to show how close you are to certain point like a university, a map is a good idea.
  • On the home page it should stand out clear people can make payments on line and you accept credit cards – I like to have the MC & visa symbols on my home page – again pictures can be read faster and are believed.

Its hard to change first impressions - make your count!


Above are a couple of my storage web sites.  Not bad but they are a little out dated and ready for some new improvements.  The first improvement in the works for next week is to remove the outdated make a reservation link and replace it with a Rent Now button.  It will bring them to our own rental web site where they can actually see the units available, including sizes and descriptions.  They will be able to sign a lease agreement, make a payment and rent a specific unit.  And the best part my web rental site  is being done for free by they guys at (and they will do the same for you)  If you are not renting before hours and after hours and 24 hours a day on the web you are missing clients!  The guys are the best at 24hr rentals and ready to help you. You need to check them out.  I am happy I did.

I know we are all lazy but my goal is to help you rent more you units – So I have a deal to help motivate you!

Option 1- Compare your home page to your competitions home page and tell me one change you are going to make ( you don’t even have to make it today) and I will send you a code to buy my book at 1/2 price – Crush Your Competition ebook  Offer good till April 5, 2013.

Option 2- Check out web site and become a partner and tell them Marc sent you and I will mail you a signed copy of my paperback  book Crush Your Competition ($24.95 on my site or Amazon). Again the offer is good till April 5.  If your the type that likes to mull things around just send them an email that your checking them out before April 5, 2013 and I  will send the book when you sign up.  I will also give you 1 hour free self storage consultations on the phone – email – or at the coffee shop (where ever I might be – haha) to help you rent more units and more importanly make more profits.  I know you will thank me – and maybe even help with ideas for my next self storage book.

To Making More Profits








Self Storage Marketing In Action

Matt of recently asked for help for their new client, Paula on how to rent the surplus of 10 x 25 units on Self Storage In Marketing Linkedin Group.

First if you have not joined the LinkedIn Group Self Storage Marketing in Action you need to go and join now.  Great marketing ideas you can use now to rent more units plus a great place to ask your questions! And of course we would love to get your input.  Maybe you have some ideas for Paula.

Second I am impressed how goes the extra mile for their clients.  I am a new client and they are providing unbelievable one on one service to help us.  I love marketing and all the great internet opportunities but I am not a computer nuts & bolts person – so I keep asking for more help – and they have the patience to help me. If you are not signed up with do it now.  You will thank me.  If your not sure of the value of renting after hours, before hours,renting on line and all the great marketing they provide for you, email me now at  Again you will thank me.

Now on to Paula’s question how to rent more 10 x 25’s.  Yesterday at Self Storage Marketing In Action I gave Paula several specific ideas how to address her excess 10 x 25 inventory.  Hopefully you have read them by now.  Now I want to talk a little bit about how to rent more units in general with a slant to larger units.

First lets make a list of who rents larger units:

Contractors – plumbers – electricians etc.

People moving from large homes



People who store a car plus some stuff

Do Not Wait For Customers To Come to You is the title of week 79 of my self storage marketing book Crush Your Competition an is of course very applicable if you need more renters!   Many a business has gone out of business waiting for customers to come to them. There is a surplus of customers out there you just have to go out and fine them.  So based upon the above list who should we visit next week:

Funeral homes

Real Estate Agents

Local buisinesses

Car dealerships


Construction sites

Home builders

Moving companies

There are many creative ways to contact & visit these people outlined in my book.  Some of the above will rent from you directly and others can refer business to you.  Partnering with other businesses is my number one favorite because it works and quite frankly no one does it.

Partnering with other business for referrals feeds you  great clients forever so it worth the effort.  I am not sure why so few companies take the time to do it because it works fantastic. What you do is meet with the above groups and get your storage business inserted into their sales process.  It can be an instant up sell or a casual follow on offer.  Similar to a self storage referral rewards program for businesses.

For example a contractor who is building homes or remodeling homes (or a realtor) can refer your service to his clients to keep their possessions safe during construction or during the selling and buying process. And you pay the Contractor $40 for every referral.  A win -win – win for everyone.  But you need to help teach your new partners how to refer you.  For example ” If your thinking of -Moving – remodeling – selling etc. your house you may need to store your stuff I know and highly recommend “your self storage”. Here is a discount card for you to save you $40.

One last idea today for lightening your 10 x 25 unit load.  Call local non profits and find out when their next silent auctions is and donate a 10 x 25 for 3 months.   Make a great promotional certificate for everyone to see.  Make sure you can put out a stack of “free box cards” so everyone who goes to the auction gets one.  Again a  win – win.  Instead of the  unit just sitting empty it has now gotten you some great advertising & most likely a client who will be paying you after 3 months.

To Your Renting Success!








Three Simple Self Storage Marketing Tips

1)  Self storage facilities often have a unit that they use for their own storage for maintenance items and other stuff.  They are often full of junk and located near the front office.  Recently I was in a storage rental office and observed “their very messy” maintenance unit.  The tip – keep your unit clean as possible and keep the door closed during the day.  It looks much better and keeps the client mind from wondering during the walk about and the rental process.

2)  I just read that often one of the best ways to help people buy is limit their choices.  This is very true for self storage.  Once the client has made the decision to rent we do not want to slow down the process and the clients final satisfaction of the rental process.  The tip: just sell disk locks.  The self storage I just visted had to ask their new client if the wanted to buy a lock and which of the three locks they provided would they like to buy,

Versus We only sell disc locks because they provide our clients the maximum safety at a great value.  I will add one if thats ok with you.  Your clients stuff will be better secured, your clients will be happier, you will sell more locks and make ore money.

3)  Determine your most popular box size.  Often it is the medium box.  Put a sign on it “our most popular box”.  Once again your clients will not have to make another decision and you will sell more boxes.  But all things sell faster when you ask for the sale.  “our most popular box is the medium box do you need any?

To Your Marketing Success!


Start Your Internet Marketing With The Basics.

Internet Magic. For my first monday internet marketing tips I will stay with the very  basics. But first we need to put the internet in perspective.

It is very important to understand the internet alone will not provide a successful marketing campaign. Think about this – you have 300 plus web site hits a month and 15,000 cars plus drive by your site every day.  And the cars are local while some web hits are from across the world. So you should be spending much more time & money marketing off line.  But of course Internet marketing must be a part of any self storage marketing campaign.

Todays basic Internet Marketing tips:

1) Sign your web site up for google analytics ( or equivalent) its free. Now you can see where you viewers are coming from – maybe searching – maybe from blogs – maybe from social sites or other web sites.  This will help you spend your marketing time & money wisely. A little hint – if one social site is bringing you a lot of traffic and another just a little, first spend time making the one sending you the most traffic better.

2) Remember all that traffic that drives by your site – Very important your site sign has your web site on it. You think it would be obvious to people to do a search but a sign is a call to action that will increase hits to your web site.
3) Put your web address on your door for after hour visitors.
4) Did you notice on your web site analytics that many people found you by searching “yourtownself storage”.  Why not buy this domain and have it forwarded to your web site.   Just $10 a year.   One day a new storage will come to town & use it if you do not.
5) If you live in a small town check your towns web site.  They often will list and even provide links to all the business in Town. Make sure yours is there and is correct.
6) Use the internet for after hour customer service for the part of the population that only has time after hours to rent. My Friends at are the best at that and provide a host of free internet marking for you.

7)Four things your web site should include: Web site only specials, Internet coupons, links out to the community and web site reservations.

8)If  your deciding on your first internet social site this chart should make it clear facebook is a good place to start.


Seven great apps/web sites you can use for work or home, fun or profits.

Computers and the Internet no longer come with owner’s manuals.  We learn by stumbling upon things, from a friend, a blog or sometimes searching out things we need.  Her are few cool things I use. I’m sure you already use a couple.   Leave a comment and let everyone know about your cool finds.

If you use twitter this free app is a must.  It provides you a button that allows you to tweet any web page you are on.  Or you can choose to buffer it and it will automatically be sent later.

 It is made up of thousands of people who will make just about anything you want for five bucks.  Like logos, short video, distinctive business card, marketing pieces, or even a news cast.  If you need an usual unique gift or facebook landing page or a press release or just about any thing try fiverr. You can’t go wrong for $5.  Let us know what you have used fiverr for.

Most of you have heard of them for their 100 free business card deal.  The site is very user friendly and the prices are fantastic.  At our self storages we use them for flyers, post cards, business cards, referral cards, free box cards and more.  We order 2000 at a time for what I consider practically free.  And the best part is you can design your product for free right on their site with tons of temples.

I know you either skipped over or just skimmed over the above vista print – now take a second and think how can I economically get 1000 pieces of information into the physical hands of the local community.  In the self storage business one on one off line is just as important as on line marketing.  Vista print is part of the answer.  When ever you order you should be prepared to take advantage of their immediate after order specials of the same product at incredible prices.

 This is one of my favorite tools!  You just provide a name or subject and Google will sent you an email alert every new time the name or subject comes up on the web with a link to the web page.   Many of you have added an alert for yourself or your company but what about your competition.  So if you want to know what your competition is up to you type in their name and any time there is an article or something new about them on the web you will get an email with a link.  Of course you should have an alert set for your facility, if you don’t already, so you know what people are saying about you.

 I did not know you could sell stuff directly on your face book page until I came across this site. It gives your facebook site a SHOP icon and a second facebook page where you can add things to sell and it’s free. This one takes a little work to set up but if I did it, its not impossible.  Now I can sell my books directly on my self storage marketing facebook page. Check out my facebook page for an example.

So you ask how can a self storage business use this app?  It simple, use the SHOP page to provide a picture of each box (and any other items you sell) with a description and price.  You really do not have to sell on line – simple state that people can place an order, leave a number and you will call them when its ready for pick up.  I realize few if any people will pre order boxes for pick up – but is one more place for people to become aware of your unique selling features and get them to come to your facility.  Heck I am going to put a picture of each unit size with a note to contact us for pricing.   Once its done it done for a long time and be one more stone in your marketing pyramid.


SHOP Icon for Facebook

Well if you want to sell something on your facebook page you’ll need pay pal.  Its simple but you probable already have a pay pal account.

But I really want to tell you about is the free phone gadget they will mail you just for asking.  Maybe you have seen at your local craft fair?   It plugs in to your smart phone. You swipe a credit card; the customer signs their name on the phone screen.  You can even send them an email or text receipt.  All you have to do is sign up for pay pal, if your not already and request the phone charge swipe and they will mail it to you for free.  There are no monthly fees. They simple take approximately 2.75% of each transaction.  Don’t forget to order your PayPal debit card so you can have easy access to your pay pal money.

I am not sure if most self storages need it but maybe you could use it for your side business?   If you’re a real small self storage this would be a good solution to the expenses of setting up a full merchant account and buying a $750 dollar terminal.

I use it to sell my book Crush Your Competition when I check out self storages when I am on the road.  If you have one let us know what you use it for.

Screen Shot

Our own computers are like unexplored apps in some sense.  We typically only the same use 20% and don’t know about the rest.  Knowing how to take a screen shot is very handy.  Maybe you want to copy for future reference or to send to a friend or to use in your blog or……….??

Screen shot for the Mac/apple    (I use a Mac – someone else will have to give for a pc)

Full Screen

Three buttons: ⌘ shift 3 – captures entire screen and will be placed on your desktop.

Partial Screen

Three buttons:    ⌘ shift 4 – draws a selection rectangle

You will get a bulls eye you can drag and expand to get the portion of the web page you want.  When you release your mouse from the area you want captured a photo will be sent to your desktop.

Let us know some of your favorite apps.

Next month:  Eight more favorite apps.




Guerrilla Marketing

Get your “GUERRILLA” on in Self-Storage marketing!

By Robert Lincoln CEO/President of


I’m a Guerrilla, ARE YOU? What I mean is, do you think outside the box on cost efficient ways to bring customers to your facility? If every self storage owner could NATIONALLY advertise and make money, I’m sure every one of them would! Well, that’s fantasy and just not feasible due to the cost/profit ratio. If you are spending more than you’re making back, it’s bad marketing and I suggest you stop! Let me show you some cost efficient ideas on how to get publicity with VERY low out-of-pocket expense. Now, here’s a clue… once it works, KEEP DOING IT! Well… until it doesn’t produce results anymore, then re-adjust till it does. We all know insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

What little time I have for relaxing and watching TV, there are some programs I watch and gather information from. One of my favorites is “Bar Rescue” on Spike with Jon Taffer.  Here is a link to his show: . Does this show teach guerrilla marketing? No, yet it proves that marketing to your local area is a science and how you promote yourself could be the life and death of your business. From appearance and signage to how your staff treats customers… that will make a huge difference on profit and loss. Is a local bar different from a Self storage facility in the same area? Yes, yet if you don’t recognize a pattern or science to your marketing plan you will fail and if you just spend 10K in a yellow book ad and gain the 60 and over crowd, you will wonder why your occupancy rests at 70% or lower.

So let us dive into a couple of “Guerrilla Marketing” tactics that may show results in your local community.  All it takes is a little hard work and really caring about others first… have you ever heard of help others to the top, then find yourself there also? That’s guerrilla at its finest!

My first idea is helping children succeed. Why not sponsor a local little league baseball team with your logo on their shirts? All the parents see your logo and if they win the city tournament you’re in the local news paper for free!  You can brag about it in advertising locally and everyone in the community knows you care. Heck, post it on Facebook too! A $1500 investment during the rental season (little league season) is way more powerful than a yellow book ad no one reads during a 12 month period. Or how about sponsoring the girl scouts during their cookie drive? Agreeing to buy $1000 worth of cookies to have a facility flyer included in the door to door sales, then donating the cookies to ill children in the local hospital on behalf of the girl scouts and your facility will create a buzz! There is a 1000 ways to help the youth in your community… get creative!

Another idea deals with your local pizza shops. ONLY use the pizza you like best for this tactic and stay away from the major chains in the industry! Reasons? If you’re not a customer of the pizza shop or don’t like their product… you will have zero rapport with the establishment and the major chains are harder to negotiate with and may cost you more than your willing to pay.  Ask the Owner/Manager to allow your business to cover some of the cost of their pizza box purchase in exchange for adding your logo to their box.  A small logo with your phone number in a corner on the top of the pizza box can make you a guerrilla in your area! Negotiate the price, I negotiated 15% which equaled an investment of $100 a month to hit all the families that buy their pizza in my area. They save money on cost and you make money on rentals. People who are in transition seems to eat pizza, why… not sure… but true none the less! Want to get uber-guerilla? Put the 24hrCube and your web address (using’s Integrated Rent It Now button) on the top of the box and make it a mobile virtual kiosk tool!!

How about Schools? I dealt with elementary schools only, however any level could work. Sponsoring a Father and Daughter dance at an elementary school is profitable! Your business will supply the food and drinks and the school will say in their flyer that they send home with the kids: “Father and Daughter Dance” sponsored by “Mansfield Self Storage” A local business helping local people.  Cost for this marketing is about $500 for food and drink and every family knows who helped and where to store their stuff when needed. (NOTE: Don’t go to cheap on the food products for this.  It will send a bad message about your business).

One last reminder: If you want to put your Guerrilla tactics on Steroids… put the 24hrCube on all your advertising – that makes every ad a virtual kiosk!  Your potential customers scan it and they can rent your unit right away! 24/7. The cost for this is free for Preferred Partners for a limited time! Go to and find out how.


So… let’s compare costs: a Yellow book ad = $10,000 per year (60 and over crowd)


Guerrilla Costs on these four ideas =

$1500.00 for little league

$1000.00 Girls scouts cookies

$1200.00 annual pizza boxes

$500.00 per dance (Father/daughter and Mother/Son) =

$1000.00 for a grand total of $4700.00 (Everyone!)

Time to go “GUERRILLA”!!!!!

######  ###### ##### ###### ##### #######

I want to thank Robert for his great insights.  As part of your Guerrilla marketing you owe it to yourself to increase your rentals by signing up at    Check it out now I promise you will be glad you did.

To Success!