Fishing or Kayaking

Fishing for King Mackerel

The other morning at about 10 am I walked in Starbucks and ordered my coffee and could not help but notice the over flowing tip jars.  There were two good sized tip jars side by side full of dollar bills.  On the top of them was a small sign that said which would you rather be doing today.  On one jar was the single word fishing and kayaking on the other one.

Instantly I was compelled to vote and put a tip in the fishing jar.  While both jars were full I think the fisherman were more passionate  because I spotted a couple of fives. 🙂


What is the lesson for self storage managers.  Always give the client a choice between yes and yes………and have some fun and be passionate.

Kayaking or fishing - why not both?


To Success!


Marc & GP – Kayaking in Sarasota Florida



Facebook – 2 , make it remarkable!

In part one I shared some cool facts on why Facebook for on line social marketing. If you did not read part one check it out.  But it is important to realize Facebook marketing is no different than any other marketing.  Specifically I mean if it is not remarkable you are wasting your time and money.  It is simply another  30% discount add no one pays attention to.

Quick side note.  I am working with a few self storage owners and managers on how to make your self storage Remarkable in 2013. If your not going to be remarkable your marketing will not pay dividends.  If you want to be included send me an email at  Just room for 5 more people.  Now back to a remarkable facebook page.

Check out my facebook page.  Do you notice the Pinterest icon.  How cool is that, that people can go from your facebook page directly to your Pinterest site.

Notice the Pinterest icon on my facebook page

Check out how we have made it easy for all the people on Facebook, (for hours a day), to rent directly from our Facebook page.  First we uploaded a QR code for the cool dudes so they can scan and go directly to our  24 hour on line rental center.  Next we went to the facebook setting and made our facebook site an on line company.  This allowed us to put a web link in our description – that link brings them to our on line 24 hr rental site.

Did you notice the big Shop Icon with the rent now below it.  Just down load the facebook app at and you can add a SHOP icon to your facebook site.

If you do not have the ability to rent units from your web page (or don’t even have a web site yet) partner with and start renting on line now!

Rent now!

Now with one click from your facebook page your potential clients can view pictures of your units, learn what the size compares to and what fits in the unit.  And they can even rent when from the comfort of their homes.  Wow.  Being Remarkable means be innovative and catering to the early adaptors.  They will tell the rest of the world about you!

Now everyone can visualize all your unit on facebook


large pictures - description and Rent Now option

As always, any questions let me know.

Until next time Be Remarkable For Oversized Profits!

To Success!








Are you getting referrals from your local bank? Why not it is easy!

I was talking to the manager of my local bank today here in Sarasota FL. He was excited that his mortgage business is up over 40% from last year and how they had to hire new staff because of all the people buying houses. Great new for us in the ss business – assuming you are doing your marketing to capture more than your share of this market.

Some times banks can be intimidating because they have such a formal air – not to mention all the cameras. But just remember they are people too and they need and appreciate new business just like we do. Its a 3 way win – win – win — Your self storage – your clients – your local bank.

Bank referrals are a little different then your typical refer in the fact that you do not need to use the referral incentive card. It built more on mutual clients and relationships. Heres how it works:

Every month I get several clients who come to visit our facility who are just looking because they are thinking of moving – selling their house. Obviously I show them around and let them know we would like to help them out when they are ready. (of course I get their number and ask if I can call in a couple of weeks to see how things are going & give them a white paper on how to sell your house faster.)

Just before they leave I tell them I know Mr banker at My bank has helped a lot of people with their mortgages recently and give them his/her card. On the front of the bankers card I write my first name only and my full name, ss name & phone on the back. I put my first name on the front just to remind them my info is on the back – so they can remember to tell my banker friend who referred them.

So they key is to get to know your banker. So you can call him your friend. Don’t be intimidated. It is easy. Just walk into your local bank, preferable not on monday or friday, early in the morning when it is not crowded about 1/2 hour after it opens and ask to see the manager (or mortgage person if he/she is not available). Do not have any things in your hands – no need to bring any ss stuff. If anyone asks why you want to see the manger – tell them none of their business – haha just kidding, simple say you have some mortgage questions.

Any good banker will invite you into their office and offer you a seat. Then get directly to the point.
” I am from successful self storage just down the street. We get several people coming into our office every month who are about to sell their home and I thought it would be a great idea if I refer them to a friend in the banking business. It would help my clients out and you as well.”

Then simple ask if they are giving out mortgages and how is the mortgage business. If they are looking to make mortgages the rest of the conversation will take care of it self. No need to remind them to send clients your way – they will.

Also ask if they give out car loans the more you know about them the more times you can refer them.

When you leave take a dozen of his cards and ask the best way to make a referral for him. Leave him a half dozen of your cards – no more . Make an appointment for a week or two later when you can drop him off some literature about your self storage. And you will be on your way to getting referrals from your local bank!  Every time you hand out his card send him a short email.

And don’t forget you can use this approach for other professionals in town as well.


Banks love referrals too!


Show case your units & RENT Units From Facebook!! A New Profit Center! Part 1

I have been studying and learning more everyday about social internet marketing and our self storage clients.  If you read my recent entry on LinkedIN group “Self Storage Marketing In Action” – Facebook the internet giant  you will understand how big an opportunity facebook is for self storage.  Don’t forget to Join the linkedin group “Self Storage Marketing In Action”  for great self storage marketing ideas!  Of course your invited to connect to me on Linkedin as well.

And the great thing is how incredible simple it is to take advantage of this opportunity now.  First I have to tell you I am not a computer or technology expert.  Like you I am an expert in Self Storage. I am happy to leave the tech stuff up to others and spend my time where it is most valuable – helping the customer.

The idea just dawned on me earlier this week as I was updating my self storage web sites to provide one more customer friendly feature by actually taking rentals on line ( vs reservations).  It dawned on me more people spend time on our facebook page than on our web site – why not rent units on facebook.

Have you seen facebook sites that have the SHOP button.  Its a relativley easy plug in.  If not you can see it on my self storage marketing facebook page 

So its easy.  We plug in the facebook SHOP page.  Then we upload a photo of each unit size & a RENT NOW button. And wala people can sign a contract on line, pay the first months rent in the comfort of their homes!  Like I said I don’t personally have the tech background or hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design the faceboook app shop page or the 24hr rent on line capacity so I use existing apps.

For the Facebook Shop page I will use :  – see facebook app at bottom of the page.

For the 24hr on line renting I will use   And the great thing about these guys is they give you a Rent now button and a rent now QR code and make you a free rent now web site.  And these guys are leaders helping self storages rent units on line 24 hours a day.   I am sure they will join us on this facebook profit center and will spend the time & money to make it better as we move forward!

This is an incredible real new profit center for us all!  People spend several hours a day on facebook. Five out of 6 minutes spent on social web sites are spent on facebook.  Now we have a simple way to provide one more client service that will turn into extra rents.  It will work because it is easy simple and convenient for potential renters. Many will go to rent now others may click RENT NOW to see unit sizes ( and boxes for sale as well).  People just like to surf the internet.  When they are ready they will feel more comfortable and attached to your self storage.  People need to see your message 10 – 20 times before they start connection with your facilty.  Facebook is a fast and free way to do this.

I am away from my 3 self storage months at a time.  When I visit them I take a hand full of marketing materials and visit throughout the town for an afternoon.  Every single time I run into two or more people who need to rent, ask me about sizes and prices but just have not had the time to make it down to our facility.  Obviously it is not an emergency but a need just the same that often goes unfulfilled.  I give them our card and try to coax them down to the facility soon. Now imagine If I remind them and everyone I visit that they can see our individual units on our self storage facebook page and actually rent from their home from facebook.  That night when they are surfing facebook you can bet they are going to check our site – many will like our site – a good thing and some will rent now and some will rent later.

If you know me or have followed my marketing post or read my book Crush Your Competition you know I like to set up various marketing ideas with a goal to make and EXTRA $24,000 in 12 months.  Well this is a no brainer by the end of the year for just one idea and one facility. And I am not even going to start with my newest facility which has over 300 facebook likes since it opened last year but with mansfield self storage in CT with just 90 likes yesterday.  Of course we will be getting those likes up using several concepts we just perfected at our new facility.

I don’t have any marketing mangers or people – its just me and our great store managers who do everything.  But we take a little action everyday and it makes a big difference in the end.  So what should you do now?

1)  If you do not have a company facebook page get one now – claim your name before some one else does.  I will do future posts on how to get likes and you can also watch our likes climb on our facebook site.

2)  go to and get signed up for their service.

3) add the SHOP button to your page.

4) Take pictures for each different units sizes.

I will update you with our progress, the next steps and would love to hear about yours.

I could have waited to post this when I have it all perfected but I wanted to share it now.  Maybe most will jump on board in a year when everyone is talking about it – of course – we will be miles ahead.  Some will wait a couple of weeks to check out my site.  But some will join in now!

Any questions let me know at

To Success!