In the end its the many many little things that count.   I copied this from the Sarasoft Blog because I could not have said it better.

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Apr. 29, 2013 – Increasing your Bottom Line – Automate Payments

My friend Garo Darian of Glenmont Self Storage near Albany New York shared a story with me of a tenant who stopped in regularly to chat and have a cup of free coffee that Garo provides for his customers.  The customer who had downsized a unit to a 5 x 10 without fail mentioned during each visit how he had to “get that crap out of there.”

This routine continued without variation for five months until one day Garo needed to call him to update his credit card information which was expiring that month.  “I’ll be down to get that stuff out today!” was the reply.  And that day due to an event that brought his monthly payment to his attention the tenant moved out.

The program now offered by PayPros™ and recently renamed Decline Minimizer™ will automatically update credit card information on customer’s accounts when their card expires or is lost or stolen.  Given that the industry agrees that customers using credit cards to pay their monthly rent stay up to 40% longer it makes sense that the longer the rental payment remains “under the radar” the more advantage there is for the self-storage owner to maintain that tenancy.

These are the types of innovations that quietly help your business improve its bottom line.  Allowing automation to make it easy for your tenant to “do nothing” except of course pay his or her monthly credit card statement.

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Marc Note:  If your just now planning your self storage now is also the time to think about your management program.  It important for many reasons.  First you want to insure your management program integrates with your gates system, security system and credit card system.  Syrasoft does a great job doing that plus so much more.   Give Alison a call early on. 1-800-817-7706 x108.