What Is Self Storage Marketing?

Successful Marketing Is NOT


Is Not about spending more money.

Is Not another boring advertisement

How many post cards with triple saving from the cable company did you read last  month? None.

Is Not bigger expensive yellow page adds

How many times did you use the yellow pages last month? Zero!

The day after the yellow page book came out!

Is Not about making more cold calls or sending more emails.

How many times did you buy something from a cold caller or from a random  e mail? None!

Is Not about being average – no one raves about average.

Is Not what the self storage down the street is doing. Not about competing with your neighboring self storages (Or about Crushing Your Competition)  Your negative thoughts are your only competition.

Is Not Competing on price.  Competing on price is very difficult.


 We need to embrace the New Face of Marketing.

50% environment & 50 % customer service

Find ways to make people immensely obligated by your kindness.

Just right feeling

Being remarkable – as it implies you are so special people talk about you.

Your customers are more persuasive and more credible than you are!

Surprise  & do the Unexpected  – do the outrages

Surprise & wow your clients with a free daffodil

Random acts of kindness. It is not about the dollar value but the personal touch

 Telling your story – making people feel special

We are different let us show you how!

The side effect of making people happy is they open their wallets

How much does the (Super) manager get paid?

I am often asked how much does a self storage manager make.  The answer is it depends.  Weather you own a self storage or thinking about buying or building one the more important questions is what does a Super Manager make? Who wants to be average?   And of course what is a Super Manager? (or Super Owner).

To answer the first question a self storage manager makes between $10/hr to $25 depending on what part of the country and their results.  Sadly most managers report their incomes are in the lower end around $12hr.

Most managers have to do it all.  Of course how well they do it all depends on their attitude, knowledge and experience.  There are many opportunities to be way above average, even for the brand new manager.

First I warn you that being a real “Super Manager” may not be for everyone.  How does the saying go – Before you get paid more than you are worth you  work for less than you are worth.  According to Malcom Gladwell in his book Outliers you have to practice for 10,000 hours to become and expert.  For 10 years I worked 65+ hours a week as a civil engineer and was paid for 40 hours.  The next 20 years I worked a lot but I was more than compensated for the first 10 years and the next 20 years.

It takes practice to be an expert.

It was not only about the hours worked but about how many extra clients I personally brought in.  The key word is Extra.  A self storage manager is expected to market, provide great customer service and rent units.  But if you go above and beyond and rent an extra four extra units a month that is around $100,000 additional income for the business and of course the manager should be paid exceptional well. So what are we talking about to be a Super Manager or Super Owner?

First to be a super anything is a lifestyle.  You have to enjoy work and incorporate work into your everyday life. You have to constantly be learning and taking action.  The Self Storage  Super Manager may include many of the following activities:

– Belong to two civic organizations/commission – like Rotary & Zoning Commission

– Donate time regularly to charity monthly if not weekly. – 4 hours a month minimum

-Regularly attend local business functions – chamber of conference etc.

– Your involved with people – maybe coach little league or ???

– Continuous learning about self storage customer service and marketing.

-Regularly trying new marketing ideas.

– Organize an site marketing event every month vs. 1 a year (car wash – tag sale- hot dogs at lunch)

-Organize or participate in one or 2 off site marketing events a month vs. 1 a year.

– In addition to the yearly marketing calendar, a weekly list of marketing is prepared for the following week.

In addition to your regular marketing you implement a couple of new marketing items every week.

-You start everyday with “what can I do better today to help our clients & to let our clients know about us.

– You regularly bring new marketing ideas to the table.

-You follow through on contacts and find ways to track your marketing.

– Everyday you have to think out loud “good attitude”. It does not happen by accident.  For example after you do something extra for the client you could say “No problem” or you could say “It is my pleasure to help you.  Is there anything else I can help you with.”  A big difference!

You understand the new marketing is client service and you regularly:

Find ways to make people immensely obligated by your kindness.

Provide that Just right feeling

Find more ways to be remarkable – as it implies you and your facility are so special people talk about you.

Surprise clients & do the Unexpected for clients  – do the outrages

Constantly do random acts of kindness. It is not about the dollar value but the personal touch.

Make  people feel special.

Show people we are different.

It is not easy to be a super star at anything.  But the good news is if you do half of these things your will be one heck of a great manager and bring in extra renters making you a star in my book!

To Success!


ps   Super Managers start at least double the average manager or owner.

I loved it!

Social Marketing – Pinterest

We just started our first Self Storage Pinterest site.  It is already 16 boards and 441 pictures.

Soon I will outline the details of a building a good Pinterest site.

But If you take a look at ours here you will get the basics: http://pinterest.com/caraquetnb/boards/

It is part french & part english for our site here in Caraquet, NB Canada.

You will get a good idea of what you need to do.  Part Self Storage, part story, part informational, part inspirational, part pictures, part words, part local and for part fun.

One thing about most social media such as facebook and Pinterest is it is important to do a good job and be consistent or not do it at all.  Poor or outdated sites are a waste of your time and can hurt your business.

The number one thing thing by far clients want is customer service.  But they also want to reach you via more channels.

Happy Pinning!


CLE Pinterest