A Unit Cleaning Kit = More Clients

I am starting to laugh as I write this.  To me this is common sense so why should I have to write this?  Well because from first hand experience I know my units did not and do not cleaned well with out detailed guidance and the ” unit cleaning kit”

If a manger leaves the office to check out and clean a unit a tenant has recently moved out of with just a broom and is often back in five minutes you might want to be concerned.  How clean your facility is (or lack of cleanliness) can make the difference between a rental and  the “I need to think about it”  response.  And if things like the back side of the door is not cleaned for a couple of years you will have a major cleaning event on your hands.

It might look clean in the picture but up close is another story

If your manager goes to the unit prepared to clean it with a “cleaning bucket” chances are much higher that it will be properly cleaned.  To often I see manger go to clean a unit with just a broom and sometimes with out even a broom.  Here is a small list of thing to bring:

Two clothes – the size of face clothes and a cleaner like 409:

Often a dry cloth can used to clean the walls of dust.  If a good job was done previously often the only dust is on the high ridges of the panels.

The bottom door seal needs a good cleaning typically with the 409 every time some one moves out.

Don’t forget the the back side of the door needs to be cleaned.   If there is grim here or other places the 409 will do the job.

Don’t forget now is the time to wash the front outside of the door.  —- Better than finding the time to wash 400 doors all at once.


The door frame and handles should be checked and tightened if required.

White Door Guard Strips

You know those white strips on the back side of the door to protect the door from scratches when it rolls up.  Who walks back to the supply room when they are loose or gone.   Nobody.  But it just take a second to replace on falling of it you have it with you.

Broom, Dustpan & Bucket

Sweep the unit even if it does not appear to need it. You will be surprised.  Start with getting all the cobwebs & bugs.Really dig into the corners.


Now is the time to check the door springs and spray them if not done recently.

Spider Spray

If bugs and spiders are in the corners you are not going to get them with just the broom.

Occasionally you will need to head back to the supply room for other repair tools but this should take care of it most of the time.  Having this stuff ready to go in  bucket or on a  cart is a must to get the job done more often and efficiently.

It can take a few minutes to clean a dirty unit and its worth the time.

Would you choose a dusty unit or a very clean unit.