Criagslist for staffing

We needed to hire a new office manger.  Of course were not looking forward to the whole process but in the end we ended up with a great new manager.

What surprised me was how one single add on craigslist provided us with over 50 qualified applicants in 4 days.  The add was simple:

Office Manger for XYZ Self Storage.  Must love clients, computers and marketing. Email resume to xxxx.

Within 1 hour the resumes started coming in.  We choose about a dozen and a half of the best ones and emailed them our one page jobs description (available for purchase here on this web site) and asked them when they would be available and their salary requirements.

The job description is critical.   A self storage manager has to do it all from renting to cleaning to marketing.  It can be difficult if you add to an employees duties after the fact.

Next we talked to the ones who answered their phone and did a impromptu phone interview.  We interviewed for a couple of days and hired a great manager.  It was much faster and easier than we thought.

As we all know our office manager is key to a very successful self storage facility.

To Success!


ps – don’t forget to use craigslist to find a renter for that empty unit in building 2!






Just a little on Pricing for profits

Pricing – some quick notes:

Promoting reasonable prices have been proven to be a terrible benefit – lower prices even worse – negative results.   People choose based upon experience, prestige and location before pricing.

It does not pay to be in the middle of the pricing pack – better lowest or highest.

High prices have a positive halo effect on your entire business

Sell more:

sell more 10 x 10 units  at $149 then 145 or 149.00

            rent more units for a year at $1795 than $1,795

            Premium sells – 5 x 10 vs 10 x 5  premium unit with a larger door

Price anchoring works – a 10 x 25 – close to the price of a 10 x30 – sell more of everything.

Do not price products or units the same – people are less likely to buy

Prices should be clearly marked

Sell boxes – buy 9 get the 10th free – with clearly noted ok to return any unused boxes.


To your marketing success!



Let people know you sell moving supplies!