Pricing – some quick notes:

Promoting reasonable prices have been proven to be a terrible benefit – lower prices even worse – negative results.   People choose based upon experience, prestige and location before pricing.

It does not pay to be in the middle of the pricing pack – better lowest or highest.

High prices have a positive halo effect on your entire business

Sell more:

sell more 10 x 10 units  at $149 then 145 or 149.00

            rent more units for a year at $1795 than $1,795

            Premium sells – 5 x 10 vs 10 x 5  premium unit with a larger door

Price anchoring works – a 10 x 25 – close to the price of a 10 x30 – sell more of everything.

Do not price products or units the same – people are less likely to buy

Prices should be clearly marked

Sell boxes – buy 9 get the 10th free – with clearly noted ok to return any unused boxes.


To your marketing success!



Let people know you sell moving supplies!