Coventry Self Storage Goes Green!

Press Release

May 2014

Coventry Self Storage, LLC

2709 Route 44

Coventry CT 06238   860-742-5540

Contact: Marc Goodin 860-830-6764

Coventry Self Storage goes Solar!

Marc Goodin and Marsh Dubaldo, owners of Coventry Self Storage are excited to join the local efforts to Solarize Coventry, CT.  Coventry Self Storage it is going green with a state of the art solar system. Coventry Self Storage will produce 100% of its electrical needs with the installation of a 58KW Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar System. The 242 solar panels will be installed on the self storage roof. The system is presently being installed and will be operational July 2014.

Coventry is helping to lead Connecticut’s efforts for renewable energy resources and Coventry presently has over 50 solar installations on residential and municipal buildings.  This is Coventry’s first solar installation on a commercial property.

Coventry Self Storage uses the majority of its electricity to heat and cool its two climate control buildings.  The secondary use of electricity is the lighting throughout the facility.

We believe it is important for all businesses to be environmental friendly as possible.  Coventry Self Storage is also helping its neighbors and friends go green and reduce their carbon foot print by providing recycling for computers and other electronic products.  Products can be dropped off Monday – Friday 10 am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 3pm.

About Coventry Self Storage:

 Coventry Self Storage has over 400 units located in 6 buildings, ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ to 10” x 30’.  They offer both regular units and climate control units.  The facility provides security fencing and cameras, along with gate access to meet their client’s needs.

As a full service Self Storage their retail store is open 6 days a week to assist their customers and provide a full range of packing and moving supplies. Coventry Self Storage has been providing the self storage needs of the community since 2004.

How the solar system works:

The sun bathes the earth with enough energy in one hour to satisfy the entire world’s energy needs for a year!

Over 240 solar panels located on the roof capture and create Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Four Solar Inverters take the DC electricity and converts it to Alternating Current (AC), which can be used to power Coventry Self Storage.

The AC power is directed from the inverts into the local utility system called the grid.  The utility company tracks the net energy produced with the utility electrical meter and credits Coventry Self Storage for the electricity it produces.

Encon Solar of Stratford CT is installing the system.

Financing by Farmington Bank

Recycle your electronics at CSS!


Spring is in the air! Lets Double our renters this month!

Summer Sun

We are always trying new marketing ideas.  Some work some don’t.

Improving you existing marketing ideas often gives you the best results for your dollar.
For example every spring we order a 1000 sunflower seed packs and visit the town and hand them out. Note we hand the vast majority outside of the office.  This allows us to meet with a lot of people and either tell them about us or remind them about us.
If you have read my self storage book Crush Your Competition, I have a chapter on marketing with products, including sunflower seeds.  The following will help you get a better return on your marketing with free give aways.
Here is an email I sent out to my managers today at my three facilities.
Here is great idea to get a better return for our free sunflower seed packs.
Every time we give out a free pack we ask three things – will they plant them & will they put a picture on our facebook page in May.  Maybe a couple will.
But here is the fun part. Everyday for the rest of the month we post a picture of a different person holding a packet of seeds with a caption like:
” Robert from Pizza Delight got his free pack of sunflowers seeds today form Mansfield Self Storage.  Stop by and say hello and get your FREE pack of Sunflower seeds.  If you live in town and can’t make it to our facility let me know & we will drop off a pack to you!”
You can ask everyone you hand out seeds if you can post their picture with the seeds on our Facebook page.    If they are at a business you can ask if they would like us to mention their business.

Summer Sun Flower Seed Promotion

Don’t forget to tell them to like our Facebook page and check out their picture!

If you are short on pictures for everyday you probable have a few relatives, friends and neighbors who will pose for you.   And if you have too many pictures, it is ok to post more than one a day.
People will enjoy getting the flowers and watching them grow.  And they will remember us when they need storage.  And if they like us on Facebook some of their friends will also think of us when they need storage.
If you do not miss a single week day M-F day posting a different person with a packet of seeds from Monday May 12 – Friday May 30, I will give you $100.
Maybe you can even get a few crazy kids to “fun or strange poses”   Maybe you can even get some well know people in town to pose???
For your friday Facebook post this week – put a picture of yourself with the seeds- or if your shy post a picture of the seed pack and say come on in for your free pack.
You can even put free seed packs on Craigs list once a week?
You get the idea the more the better. Lets keep getting better!
To More Happy Customers, Friends And Future Customers!!

People love the seeds!