The Self Storage Profit: Product- People- Process

High Performance Self Storage Partners for a Premier 2015!


Are you ready for a record breaking year!  If you have been watching The Profit on TV you know you must concentrate on three things for a great business:  Product, Process & People.

Soon I will be launching a new self storage concept that will revolutionize the self storage business that incorporates just these three things: Product; Process & People.  Next month I will send you the details but until then I wanted to share a few things to make your 2015 more exciting, fun and successful.


As part of our new adventure I continue to develop strategic partnerships with the best of the best experts and vendors in the self storage industry.  I want to share a couple of them with you and how they can help you.

Do you hate calling around and getting your competitors rates?  What do you say when a customer says can you match the rate of xyz at your competitors?  Do you wonder what sizes your competitors have?  Well now you can have the answers at your finger tips plus the trends as well. You can even try it for free for seven days – no credit card required.  I know you will like what you see!  Enter the code Pricing20 to save 20% off the cost!

Pricing matters!  I have had several clients who have increased their bottom line by $6,000 to $8,000 a month in just one year simple by learning the basic pricing principals!

Are you looking for a competitive edge?  Almost everyone has thought about having a Truck distributorship at their facility at one point or another.  Many of us even gave it a try, only to learn it took a full time employee and we did not make a net profit because we were taking needed employee resources away from our Storage business.

Well now there is a very impressive alternative.  A single rental truck you own or lease from On The Move.  It gives you the best of all worlds.  A single On The Go Truck allows you to attract new customers with limited effort and beat the competition for a net profit!  Check out their web site and give CJ a call (800-645-9949) for more info and tell her I said hi.


Self Storage is unlike most other businesses in the sense often one person has to remember everything from A-Z. Without a great process we will never have the time to provide the outstanding service our clients deserve or do all the things a self storage manager and owner need to do to get more customers.

You may have seen my monthly marketing calendar (email me at for a free copy).  It lists the on going marketing items month by month to make it easy to remember everything and get much more done.

This year each of my facilities have modified the marketing calendar to make it a month by month Marketing, Maintenance & Office Calendar.  Each Category is in a different color for quick reference. This is also a life savor when you hire a new manger.

Maintenance is self explanatory but don’t forget to add things like; confirm/review lawn mowing (snow removal too) contract, AC filters changed, paint bollards, etc. Here are a couple of Office items examples for the calendar:  Insurance payment due next month on xx, workman’s comp due next month on the 5th, Property Taxes due, Sales tax due, review & update web site, order year end products etc.

Again this helps us prepare and be more efficient.  How many times have you gotten you insurance bill the day before it’s due and once again you have no time to review it?

There are many financial processes critical to a self storage business from categorizing construction components for the best tax advantages year after year to setting up your quick books/ financial reports. If you do not have a clear and concise day to day financial record keeping system in place or are not preparing for year end income taxes month by month you need help.  If you do not have a qualified CPA, who is an expert in self storage accounting to help you with your financial processes, I recommend you call (775-828-0767) Jerry Jones the Self Storage CPA and tax specialist and add him to your High Performance Team.



Every Self Storage should have a High Performance Team.  People you can trust that provide solutions. People who understand what you want and need, sometimes even before you do. I have mentioned a couple of people on my High Performance Team above, here are more.


Diane Vizzo and company is on my High Performance Team.  She understands the self storage business, especially self storage insurance. You can count on her to help you understand your insurance options and be there when you need her.  If you are just starting out or simple want someone on your side for a change give Diane a call now. 860-767-9190 Don’t forget to tell her I sent you. 🙂


Bob Copper and company – -is on my High Performance Team.  He has incredible knowledge on how to improve your operations from getting started to getting to the next level of profit.  Maybe you or your staff just need a good how to self storage book or internet training seminar pick me up or maybe you need an on site consultation?

If your tying to determine if a site is suitable for self storage Bob is the your guy for site feasibility studies.  He has several options depending on your needs. He tells it like it is. (He does not sugar coat it because he wants to sell you a building).  Give Bob a call and introduce yourself and hear first hand what he does, even if you do not need his services today.  I dare you and don’t forget to tell him I put you up to it.

Continue building your High Performance Team today and give my friends a call today for a free consultation.

To Your Success!


Marc Goodin



ps Feel free to contact me with any questions.  If I don’t know the answer I will get you in touch the person on my High Performance Team who does.


Also if you have any High Performance people you would recommend let me know.