6 Mistakes You Do Not Want To Make At Your Self Storage


The basics of running a storage facility might sound easy. Dig a little deeper, however, and there are many bumps that can come up. If these issues aren’t fixed, they can hurt your business.

As a starting point, “most people think self-storage is all about the price,” said self-storage consultant Marc Goodin, president of Storage Authority Franchising, a self-storage franchise system. But that’s not the case, he said. “It’s about giving customers the ‘just right’ feeling,” Goodin said.

Here, experts share six common mistakes to avoid in the self-storage industry. Understand these, and your place will be one that gives customers the perfect feeling—and an inclination to stay.

1. Not renting units over the phone.

It can be easy to view incoming calls as merely a way to answer questions.

Instead, ask for the sale, Goodin said. “You can rent just as many units over the phone as you can to walk-in customers,” he said.

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The Key Chain & The Million Dollar Self Storage Counter

Several months ago my Article The Million Dollar Counter was published by inside self storage.  In case you missed it you can read the entire article here: Inside Self Storage

Today I wanted to reprint a small section to emphasize how even the small things make a big difference.

A Couple Of Things Behind The Counter

1) Assume the sale

It is important to have a lease at hand at the counter so after your show & tell site walk to see the unit you can simple place the lease on the counter and say we just need a little information to get you that 10 x 10 unit today. Ask Can I make a copy of your license.  And say nothing!!!

Here is one more little surprise for your clients.  You offer to cut the lock open (vs. asking if they want to buy a lock) and take one key and put it on a free key chain from behind the counter. You don’t want to have the key chains out with the locks because then they will be just be part of they process and expected vs. being a surprise free gift.

Let them know you just put one key on the ring so if they loose one key they have another one. Another small wow.

If your looking for a place to buy key chains and other logo products check out.  http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/search.cfm?q=keychain+flashlight

Make sure you pay and extra few cents for a nice key chain.  We like the carabineer, flashlight or bottle opener key chains.  Now we see people everyday all over town with our key chains even long after they have moved out.


Order Your key chains today!




Self Storage is Booming – Why not you – why not now?

Self Storage – The Greatest American Dream – Just got Better!!

Storage Authority Franchising – We are BIG on Your Success!!

So you’re looking for something different.  Maybe you were like me and enjoyed a great career but after twenty-five years doing the same thing you thought it was time for a change.  As a civil engineer I worked with a lot of business owners and entrapneours but most of them did not have the life style, flexible work schedule and income I desired.  There was one guy who had both time and money and he owned self storage.  His visit to my office changed my life.  Please let me share what I learned from that visit and later experienced fist hand to be true.

Why Start A Self Storage Business When I Already Owned a Very Successful Engineering Company?

Be Your Own Boss:  And just as important for me – there are next to no employees compared to most businesses and no company politics to deal with everyday.

Flexible Work Schedule:  I was able to kept my working at my engineering business full time. Then one day I had replaced my engineering income and retired from engineering.  Now my managers run the day to day business for my 3 self storages while I take care of the big picture and work in the office now and then for the fun of it.

Control Your Own Future and Security:  Even as an owner of an engineering business I was trading dollars for hours.  And there were never enough hours in the day.  Self Storage provides a kind of residual income for life once you get it running on all cylinders.  And all along you are building equity so you can have retirement income when you’re ready!

Growth Opportunity and Limited Risk:  I was willing to work hard but I did not want to risk everything I had already accomplished so I looked for a growing industry, high profits and high success rates.  If you check out the self storage industry like I did you will find:


  • Self storage has higher long term return rates of all the major real estate categories including; Apartments, Office buildings, industrial, and retail and cost less to build.
  • “The Self Storage Industry has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the United States Commercial real estate industry for the period of the last 35 years.”  Self Storage Association Fact Sheet
  • Self Storage is presently a $25 Billion a year business and projected to grow a whopping Billion dollars a year over the next five years.
  • Self Storage customers are located everywhere and more and more people are using self storage every year.  Self Storage renters are as follows:
    • 41% Long term residential customers
    • 32% Short term residential customers
    • 19% Commercial Customers
    • 4% Military Customers
    • 4^% Other
  • Many self storages are under managed or poorly managed, including the REITs, allowing a knowledgeable owner to do better than the industry incredible returns.
  • Building, owning and developing operational systems my three self storage facilities has made a huge financial difference ion my life.  Just as important the personal fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction has been very significant.


What Are Your Next Steps?

Don’t take my word; check out the facts on your own.  Visit two or three self storages and see if you can talk to the owners.  The FAQ section, and my books here on my web section will give you some more information and places to get additional information.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Ugly

Your success and your dreams are up to you.

Unfortunately we have to admit that perseverance is not the most human trait.  People often refuse the truth because it is inconvenient. Accepting average or status quo is the enemy of great success. Too many people have told me “I was going to build a self storage but you (or someone) beat me to it. There is always an excuse if you’re looking for one.

Don’t wait!  Get started today.  Action will give you the results and belief you need.

The Bad

Your success and your dreams are up to you.

I have so often heard people saying, “I understand” and then I see them doing the exact opposite of what they thought they had understood.  It is only when you put into practice what you have understood that you can really say that you truly understand.

Don’t wait! Get started today!  Actions will give you all the results and belief you need.

The Good

Your success and your dreams are up to you.

But now for the first time in US history you have a one of a kind self storage opportunity with Storage Authority Franchising.  With Storage Authority you will be in business for yourself but not alone.

The Storage Authority Advantage will make a difference.

  • Easier entry into the business.
  • Easier to acquire financing.
  • Better site locations.
  • Immediate professional image.
  • Learn the business faster and more effectively
  • Start with a proven business plan.
  • Save time and money by avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Save money through group purchasing power.
  • Profit from experience and knowledge of the franchise network.
  • Build more customers through brand awareness.
  • Build more customers through group advertising.
  • New business opportunities through ongoing research and development.
  • Increase equity and resale value.
  • Higher success rate than independent businesses.

Want to learn more?  Give me a call on my cell 860-830-6764 or my personnel email marcgoodin@gmail.com  Don’t wait! Get started today!  Actions will give you all the results and belief you will ever need.

To Your Success!








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