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I love watching The Profit on TV.  He is always about making things better for both the owner and clients – checks and balances.  Too often we are just like the failing businesses on the show – doing the same old thing and expecting different results.  Sometimes change requires change. In the end it takes good people that understand it can and must always be done better and more efficient.

Last month I shared Products – Process & People Part 1.  If you missed it you can read it here:

As part of our on going launch of Storage Authority Franchising we have written over 290 pages about the Self Storage Profit: Product – Process & People.  Here are a couple more to add from last months list to help you and your self storage have a terrific 2015!


The Self Storage Profit: Products- Process- People

We always on the look for great strategic partnerships with the best of the best experts and vendors in the self storage industry.  I want to share a couple more of them with you and how they can help you.


If you want to:

Increase Your Monthly Profits.

Protect Your Investment.

 Add Value For Your Customers 

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The Premier Self Storage Building Manufacturer. 

I have used these guys many times and can tell you they are much more than just suppliers of great Self Storage buildings.  I remember 10 plus years ago when I was getting ready to order a building, how the Trachte Rep met one on one with me and taught me several things.  Not only did he give me options but just as importance the pros and cons of each so I could decide what I needed.  In the end several of his suggestions made a huge difference.  He helped us plan and design the office with a split block face not only to help us get Town approvals but also to have a great looking upscale facility.  We saved money by implementing his idea of stepping the building to match the topography.  We also increased the building height one foot to provide both a superior look to the facility but also to rent our 10 x 20’s for car storage.  We paid these small extras off a long time ago and continue to rent more units and make more profits because of them.

Their web site has all kinds of voluble information from pricing to profits. Check it out.   I suggest you give Trachte a call as soon as you have an interest in a piece of land.  Let them know Marc From Storage Authority recommended them.

Self Storage Access Control and Security Solutions.

First question.  Do you know what you are selling at your self storage?  We do not sell material items (except locks of course as note above).  We sell value to customers.  We provide a service: A safe place to keep their stuff. Did you notice the two key words value & safe?   Don’t go second rate on the most important thing to your customers.  PTI has what you need.  Don’t forget this is a new era of apps.  I love the PTI app that allows the customers to open the gate with their cell phone from the comfort of car.  Always think how can you stand out from your competition.  Often it is a little thing like a cool app and great service.

One of the biggest construction mistakes I see is owners leaving the specific products up to the contractors and then they often end up with the inferior cheap products that have to be replaced down the line.  Don’t let this happen to you call PTI Security Systems early in the design process so you can tap into their knowledge and experience.


Personalized Promotional items To Grow Your Business.

People often ask me what is the best marketing.  They are looking for the marketing secret. Sorry to tell you that it does not exist.  I have said it before and I will say it again. The best marketing is marketing!  Familiarity makes sales.  Often a potential customer will have to hear or see your name 10 or more times before your name automatically pops in their head when they need your services.  One of the best ways to get your name in front of prospects is with logo products.

Every year I hand out over 3000 plus logo products from each of my facilities for huge returns:

Magnetic fridge calendars:  wow – they (and their friends) see our facility name everyday.

Ice Scrapers:  They see our name every winter storm.

Sunflower seeds: they think of us when they get them – again when they share with their spouse, again when they plant and every time a friend comes over and admires their sunflowers all summer long.

Rulers – pens – key chains – clips – and so much more!

You get the idea – the possibilities are endless.  The best way to make them work is to hand them out all over town, not sitting in the office.  Logo products are great conversation ice breakers and will lead to conversations about you and your business.

Remember people like to do business with friends and every time you hand out a logo product you will be making a friend.  After you hand them out a couple of times you will realize people are waiting for your next visit and surprise.

Place an order today and every quarter for a record breaking 2015!


Magen Smith, CPA, Monthly Book Keeping, Budgets & Marketing Tracking. 

What is one of the main reasons we all go into this business?  Right Lifestyle and freedom.  And that takes profits!  Not only can Megan keep you books in order every month but also she can do so much more.  She is an ex self storage manager turned CPA. So she gets it.

Magen can pay your bills.  And she makes it simple – you approve in her/your bill portal and they are paid.

Magen can help you track your operational assessments to make sure you spend your dollars wisely.  You need to know where your marketing dollars are going and if they are paying off.

She will help you set both budgets and goals.  You don’t get that with any other CPA I know of.  Call her now to get ready for 2015 and get the time back you deserve. Tell her Storage Authority sent you.

Continue building your High Performance Team today and give my friends a call today for a free consultation.  If I can help in any way let me know.

Lastly I would like to leave you with 5 simple tips guaranteed to get you more sales in 2015.

1) Secret shop your facility.  Have a friend rent a unit. Email me if you want my free Secret shopper review list.

2) Give a copy of your secret shoppers review list to your manager.  Now they will know the minimum requirements and actually do more.

3) Make it a requirement that your manager shakes hands with each prospect and give them their name.  This will get them standing out of their seat and set the stage for a successful sales presentation.

4) Make it a requirement that every prospect is asked one way or another if they want to rent or make a reservation today – no matter what they may have said.

5) Ask your manager to make 4 list for 2015:

Marketing month by month for 2015

Site & landscaping improvements for 2015

Office improvements for 2015

Income/unit rented month by month for 2015

To Your Success!

Self Storage Sales Manual Update: The biggest stumbling block to super profits is poor sales techniques.  The Techniques have been proven and the book is in progress with a July 2015 completion date.

Marc Goodin


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