The Top 7 – Why Self Storage Now?

1. There Has Never Been A Better Time To Get Started.

2. Extremely  Profitable – 30% Plus Returns Vs. 0-10% Returns For Other Real Estate Development Like Apartments Or Hotels.  Self Storage Not Only Provides Present Day Income But It Also Provides Retirement Income.

3. Abundance of Financing Options With Equity Requirements As Low As 10%.

4. Significant New Construction Is Required To Meet Pent Up and Surging Demand.

5. Owner Life Style – Replace Your Income With A Manger Driven Self Storage Business With Automation: Franchising; Kiosks; Web Based Automation.

6.  No Painting, No Backed Up Toilets, No Midnight Calls And Just A Couple Of Employees.

7. Storage Authority Franchising Is Ready To Provide You The How To Knowledge And Help You Need Get Off To A Fast Start.  And Provide You The Systems And Experience That Will Make A Difference.


Why New Construction Vs Buying Existing Facilities.

1. Be Closer To Home.  There Are Very Limited Quality Facilities Presently For Sale.  As A Facility Owner I Get Unsolicited Request At Least Twice a Month If I want To Sell From Buyers Who Have The Cash To Buy Now.

2. Better Locations.   “Build It and They Will Come” is a thing of the past.  NOW “Build It in The Right Location And Market it and They Will Come”.

3. Many Existing Facilities Over Priced Due To Bidding Wars And REITs Paying New Record Prices Every Month.

3. Buy 3 Million – Build $2 Million  = More Equity And More Profits

4. New Facilities Can Be Developed For 1/3 The Equity Requirements Of Buying.

5. You Reap The Rewards Of Your Efforts Vs. Paying  A Premium For Others Efforts.


Question: What Does It Take To Get Started in Self Storage? 

 Answer:   Or

Three out of the following Four of the following items.

1 Time

2. Experience

3. Money

4. Web Based Platform For Branding, Rental And Operational Systems.

With Storage Authority on your side you will have the Experience and Web Based Platform.  And we will help reduce both the time and money you will need to be successful.

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Or Contact Storage Authority Co Founder Marc Goodin directly at or 860-830-6764.

Note:  This is not a solicitation for Storage Authority Franchise.  Offerings can only be thought the Storage Authority Federal Disclosure Documents available via the Storage Authority Franchise web site.