Yesterday Kmart/Sears/Macy’s announced another round of store closings.  If you type in kmart & sears closings into google search you will see round after round of store closings. Maybe there is one near you. In the past 5 years Sears has gone from over 2000 stores down to 12oo stores.

Here is a map of the latest round closings.  The article above will give the Towns.

While this is a sign that Amazon is killing the big box stores it is also a sign it time to consider conversions for self storage.  I recent talked to one self storage developer and he only does conversions.  He has done 4 and has each is doing very well.  The big boxes are typically in areas of suitable, even high populations so it is a matter of confirming the available demand taking into consideration of the existing self storage.

Conversions typically save you time because they are much easier to get approvals and takes less time to build.  Grocery stores are a great conversion as well and they don’t have to be oversized.  Often a 30,000 square foot self storage will have a large parking lot you can convert into another 30,000 sf of self storage.

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