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More Kmarts closing – Think Self Storage Conversion!

Yesterday Kmart/Sears/Macy’s announced another round of store closings. http://abc13.com/shopping/sears-store-in-houston-to-close/2863066/  If you type in kmart & sears closings into google search you will see round after round of store closings. Maybe there is one near you. In the past 5 years Sears has gone from over 2000 stores down to 12oo stores. Here is a map […]

Self Storage Planning…. Chapter 4 & 5

Your Self Storage Planning – Site Selection – Design – Build Over 150 proven ideas to save you time and money and make you a success! By Marc Goodin Chapter 4 Why New Construction Vs. Buying Existing Facilities.      1.Be Closer to Home.  There Are Very Limited Quality Facilities Presently for       […]

Tips & Thoughts From The Self Storage World Expo

Tips & Thoughts From The Inside Self Storage World Expo By Marc Goodin  Its always fun to go to the ISS Self Storage Convention every April in Las Vegas.  It seams to get bigger and bigger every year. Now that self storage is a $26-billion-dollar industry and growing a billion dollars a year, I am […]

3 Big Rental Price Myths

The 3 Biggest Myths About Rental Prices By Marc Goodin First I want to show you a chart for the 22 self storages near my Coventry self storage.  As you can see there is a huge difference between the low & high prices and even between the average and the high prices.  The high prices […]

3 Steps To Get Started In Self Storage.

Dear Friends, This may be a long but I know, for a couple of you, it will change your life. I have shared the secretes of self storage wealth with many people and of course my best friend. As the new year rolls out I want to take the time to let you know You […]