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Hiring tips for the office

Do you have a blog or social web sites?  Feel free to copy – repost portions of even all of the material you read here.  A reference or link back to  www.SelfStorageMarketing101.com would be appreciated. Hiring tips for office storage Guest post by Heather Roberts   The workplace is similar to a home over time […]

Self Storage Tips For Domestic and Businesses.

Self storage tips for domestic and businesses Guest post by Heather Roberts   When it comes to storing your access contents a self storage facility may be the answer. Self storage is the perfect solution for you to pack almost anything you don’t need around you for a while. Most companies request you use your […]

What Are The Benefits Of Storage When Moving Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Storage When Moving Home? Guest post by Heather Roberts   If you have ever moved home before, you will realise how quickly it can become apparent just how much stuff there is to move. All of the items which are normally concealed in cupboards and wardrobes will have to be […]

Collect Names and Numbers For Huge Profits!

Can you answer these Four Questions every time you got a no? When ever a potential renter does not rent you must ask these three questions to see if you are really doing a great job. 1 What are the customers needs and wants? 2 What did the customer say that leads you to believe […]

Coventry Self Storage Goes Green!

Press Release May 2014 Coventry Self Storage, LLC 2709 Route 44 Coventry CT 06238 www.CoventryStorage.com   860-742-5540 Contact: Marc Goodin 860-830-6764 Marc Goodin and Marsh Dubaldo, owners of Coventry Self Storage are excited to join the local efforts to Solarize Coventry, CT.  Coventry Self Storage it is going green with a state of the art solar […]

$30,000 In Extra Profits with one sentence!

Just say “Our customers love the connivance of our guaranteed no late fee auto payment program.  Would you prefer to use master card or Visa?” And most self storages will be looking at and extra $30,000 a year in profits! To often the managers are not even asking the client if they want to get […]