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Walking & Landscaping

Sarasota Marketing Analogies – Walking & Gardens GP & I walked 8 miles this morning over the bridge to downtown and back.  We do this walk once a week.  We also walk along the beach 5 miles once a week.  To round out walking 6 days a week we typically walk 3.5 mile on our […]

Sarasota Florida

In a couple of days we leave for 3 weeks in Sarasota Florida.  I love relaxing in Sarasota.  We are lucky self storage is a business we can manage on vacation.   Sure we have good mangers and spent a little extra time with them before we left.  For sure we will be in touch […]

What is Marketing?

My definition of self storage marketing is simple:  Any knowledge and action that will increase your rentals and provide you more profits.  “Providing more profits” is the critical part of my definition.  So, it would stand to reason that increasing the number of rentals without increasing your profits is not marketing.  However, increasing your number […]

Premier Post

It is exciting for me to typing my first blog post!  I will give you great marketing Ideas here at least once a week.  But today I want to keep it simple and tell you why I love self storage. I Love Self Storage because: Self Storage is fun! Self storage is a great business. […]