Its Official! Storage Authority Franchise Press Release!

Storage Authority Press Release April 2nd, 2015


 Marc Goodin, Storage Authority Co founder and President designed his first self-storage over 25 years ago as a young civil engineer, today he owns several successful self-storages, is a sought after consultant and a best selling author, writing several books based on the needs in the self-storage industry. Last year Marc and his partner founded Storage Authority, a national self-storage franchise. Storage Authority represents a career of development, management and consulting in the self-storage industry.

Marc’s partner and co-founder Scott House is a franchise development and marketing expert, with over 20 years experience, Scott specialized hotel franchising for most of his career and has held several executive positions in the field including President of nationally known hotel brand.

Storage Authority was developed especially for the unique needs of the self-storage industry, our exclusive manager driven system is called “Dynamic Ease”, and it will revolutionize the industry! Simply said, it empowers everyone from the owner to the employee with proprietary easy to learn systems that will not only insure competiveness in your market but your dominance.

Marc has developed these proprietary training systems over his vast career through his development and management of his own facilities and as important though his consulting business where he has learned working with hundreds of facility owners what works and what doesn’t. You will for the first time have access to the systems and practices that up to now only the large REITs’ enjoy.

Every Storage Authority Franchisee will receive our proprietary operations manual, pre-opening and on-going training, placed on our national reservation system, receive placement on our national website, and be provided at no charge an individual website,SEO, Storage Pro management software, Industry first customer loyalty program along with a 4 point customer satisfaction guarantee, national and local marketing and much more…

The fact you are already in the self-storage industry or just joining, shows you understand what a great investment opportunity exist. The time has come for one of the most powerful business concepts, franchising, to pair up with one of the most successful businesses in the U.S. self-storage, we believe this is the future of the industry. This was proven many years ago in the hotel and restaurant industries, whereby small independents discovered by joining a franchise they could cut cost, improve operating systems, receive more reservations, more walk in’s through brand recognition and brand consistency. Now in 2015, the majority of successful hotels and restaurants in the U.S. are franchised and we believe the self-storage industry is on the same path.

Did you know a new franchise opens every 8 minutes every business day, generating 2.3 trillion dollars a year in the US? Did you know that there are nearly 1 million franchises in the U.S.? Or that 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a Franchise operation? The Storage Authority Franchise system will provide business ownership offering benefits and the competitive edge not available by starting your own venture.

We understand that you developed your self-storage business with your hard earned money and sweat equity because we did the same. We understand and fully appreciate that you enjoy owning and controlling your facility. We also understand that you may not have the technology, knowledge, sales and the marketing programs needed to bring your business to its full potential. Owning a Storage Authority franchise will provide you with unique and proven concepts that will empower you and your business with the essential resources it needs.

Marc is not just a “franchisor”; he is a long time developer/owner/operator in this very fragmented industry. Experience counts in not only getting started in the right direction, but in maintaining the operating systems necessary to stay competitive in this “bigger is better” world. Our industry is long overdue for a national franchisor to compete against the public REIT’s”….

Nick Malagisi, National Chair-Self Storage- Sperry Van Ness International.

‘Self storage franchising combines the best of what can make self storage such a fantastic business: the independence that the successful entrepreneur loves and the proven systems and resources used by the ‘big guys’ that improve revenues, profits and values. The smartest people in our business surround themselves with smart people and this new concept combines the true independent spirit with some of the most experienced professionals in our industry to provide affordable and effective policies, programs and procedures. Taking advantage of these combined resources is smart and forward thinking.’

Bob Copper, President Self Storage 101

“I am so pleased to be preparing the state specific form rental agreements for all the franchisees of Storage Authority.  Once the franchisee has their rental agreement, Storage Authority allows us to work with the franchisees to make the rental agreement and other forms specific to their operations.  That kind of support and flexibility is unprecedented in the franchise industry.”

Jeffrey Greenberger, esq., Partner at Katz Greenberger & Norton, LLP, Cincinnati, OH

“Trachte has long a standing relationship with Marc Goodin and looks forward to providing Storage Authority franchises top quality buildings. Storage Authority offers a one of a kind opportunity for developers.”

Steve Hajewski, Trachte Building Systems

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Marc over the years.  Syrasoft is very excited to be providing Storage Authority’s cutting edge management program Storage Pro.  Storage Authority Franchising is going to help a lot of people get started in self storage and many existing facilities get to the next level.”

Tom Garden, President Syrasoft

To learn more about Storage Authority please visit their web site


Storage Authority Contact Info:

Storage Authority, LLC

101 NE Third Ave. Suite 1500

Fort Lauderdale FL 33301


The Key Chain & The Million Dollar Self Storage Counter

Several months ago my Article The Million Dollar Counter was published by inside self storage.  In case you missed it you can read the entire article here: Inside Self Storage

Today I wanted to reprint a small section to emphasize how even the small things make a big difference.

A Couple Of Things Behind The Counter

1) Assume the sale

It is important to have a lease at hand at the counter so after your show & tell site walk to see the unit you can simple place the lease on the counter and say we just need a little information to get you that 10 x 10 unit today. Ask Can I make a copy of your license.  And say nothing!!!

Here is one more little surprise for your clients.  You offer to cut the lock open (vs. asking if they want to buy a lock) and take one key and put it on a free key chain from behind the counter. You don’t want to have the key chains out with the locks because then they will be just be part of they process and expected vs. being a surprise free gift.

Let them know you just put one key on the ring so if they loose one key they have another one. Another small wow.

If your looking for a place to buy key chains and other logo products check out.

Make sure you pay and extra few cents for a nice key chain.  We like the carabineer, flashlight or bottle opener key chains.  Now we see people everyday all over town with our key chains even long after they have moved out.


Order Your key chains today!




Spring is in the air! Lets Double our renters this month!

Summer Sun

We are always trying new marketing ideas.  Some work some don’t.

Improving you existing marketing ideas often gives you the best results for your dollar.
For example every spring we order a 1000 sunflower seed packs and visit the town and hand them out. Note we hand the vast majority outside of the office.  This allows us to meet with a lot of people and either tell them about us or remind them about us.
If you have read my self storage book Crush Your Competition, I have a chapter on marketing with products, including sunflower seeds.  The following will help you get a better return on your marketing with free give aways.
Here is an email I sent out to my managers today at my three facilities.
Here is great idea to get a better return for our free sunflower seed packs.
Every time we give out a free pack we ask three things – will they plant them & will they put a picture on our facebook page in May.  Maybe a couple will.
But here is the fun part. Everyday for the rest of the month we post a picture of a different person holding a packet of seeds with a caption like:
” Robert from Pizza Delight got his free pack of sunflowers seeds today form Mansfield Self Storage.  Stop by and say hello and get your FREE pack of Sunflower seeds.  If you live in town and can’t make it to our facility let me know & we will drop off a pack to you!”
You can ask everyone you hand out seeds if you can post their picture with the seeds on our Facebook page.    If they are at a business you can ask if they would like us to mention their business.

Summer Sun Flower Seed Promotion

Don’t forget to tell them to like our Facebook page and check out their picture!

If you are short on pictures for everyday you probable have a few relatives, friends and neighbors who will pose for you.   And if you have too many pictures, it is ok to post more than one a day.
People will enjoy getting the flowers and watching them grow.  And they will remember us when they need storage.  And if they like us on Facebook some of their friends will also think of us when they need storage.
If you do not miss a single week day M-F day posting a different person with a packet of seeds from Monday May 12 – Friday May 30, I will give you $100.
Maybe you can even get a few crazy kids to “fun or strange poses”   Maybe you can even get some well know people in town to pose???
For your friday Facebook post this week – put a picture of yourself with the seeds- or if your shy post a picture of the seed pack and say come on in for your free pack.
You can even put free seed packs on Craigs list once a week?
You get the idea the more the better. Lets keep getting better!
To More Happy Customers, Friends And Future Customers!!

People love the seeds!

Black Friday Self Storage Deals

I here everyone talk about how they know self storage is a retail business.  But I don’t see many self storages acting retail.

Do you have your christmas decorations up – like the retailers

Are you wowing your customers with lights & interior & exterior decorations?

Does your Facebook page or web site have your Black friday special up?


Here is a copy of my Black Friday special at one of my self storage facilities. Incase you can read the add here it is:

MSS BLACK FRIDAY FACEBOOK SPECIAL – one day only Nov. 29 -Just mention MSS Facebook to get these great deals

Name your price for first months rent (short term renter) or
rent & pay the rate of the next smaller unit, you choose!

Buy 2 boxes get one free!

Existing renters come in & pay 4 months in advance & get the 5th month free!

Don’t forget to share with your friends.  Thanks!

#selfstorage black friday a must







Winter Car Storage in August for an extra $2800 This Week! – Have tenants when you open phase 2

Christmas in August!  Its simple.   Rent 4 – 10 x 20’s for a 6 month car storage for Nov. 1 – April 30.

No Garage No Problem Rent Ours

All you have to do is:

Advertise:   Winter Car Storage Special – fantastic price – (35-40% off street rates)  – only 4 units available at this great price – call now!

Conditions:   Must pre pay in full now & complete lease.   Only good Nov. 1 – April 30

By limiting it to 4 customers it lets people know this is a  great one time offer that is not going to be around long plus, you want to rent the next four at a higher price.

Of course you must be confident you are going to have open 10 x 20 units over the winter because once rented you must keep the units available.   If not this strategy is not for your facility.  Often this only happens for new construction or when an additional phase is being  built.

We are doing this for the month of August – Oct. with the goal of renting 4 prepaid car storage units each month for  a total of 12 units before we go to full street rents, minus a $50 savings for 6 month prepayment.  This works for us since we just started construction of phase two so by Nov. 1 we will have open units.   Each month the discount will be reduced.  As you get closer to the time of use the more likely someone is ready to pay full price.

Yesterday we started our August prepay winter car storage special by a single post to our Facebook page.  Within 2 hours we had rented 2 spaces.  My review of the two customers leads me to believe these new customers would not have rented from us in november for a couple of reasons, so we did not “lose a full price customers”

By the end of November we will have lots of happy customers using phase 2 units and an extra $25,000 to help pay for phase 2.

Here is Week 46 – Winter Car Storage Special from my Book Crush Your Competition.  You will find over another 100 simple marketing tips and ideas in this book to help you rent more units at higher prices!  Maybe a great Chrsitmas present in August for your employees or yourself.   🙂

Winter car storage in August!

Week 46

Winter Car Storage Special

“War talk by men who have been in a war is always interesting; whereas moon talk by a poet who has not been to the moon is likely to be dull.”

Mark Twain 1835-1910

We offer a six month special – for the next XX customers–prepay for 5 months in advance and get the sixth month free,  or while supplies last.  We let everyone know about the special including:

Facebook promotion

Winter Car Storage banner over our sign

Post cards handed out to the community

Signs inside the office

Phone calls, post cards or emails to all of last years winter car storage clients – if we have ample 10 x 20’s left.

Ads in the local paper

Cross promotions with local auto dealers

Craig’s list


Web site special

Once we sell a predetermined number of units using the promotion we raise the price back to the regular price.

Personal Story

By using this promotion in November and December, I find that I don’t have to save to pay my January property taxes.   We rent nearly all our 10’ x 20’ units for car storage in the months of November & December and pay for our taxes with this car storage bonus money.

With some great marketing you can stop worrying about your property taxes and sell out your 10’ x 20’s every winter.  If you are already sold out of 10’ x 20’s before the car storage season raise your rates and eliminate the free month!

I love winter car storage and you should too.

To Success!


ps don’t forget to join us on the linkedIn group “Self Storage Marketing In Action”  for lots of free great marketing ideas.

Order your banner now!



 Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your specific summer marketing ideas and how they made money for you.

Facebook – 2 , make it remarkable!

In part one I shared some cool facts on why Facebook for on line social marketing. If you did not read part one check it out.  But it is important to realize Facebook marketing is no different than any other marketing.  Specifically I mean if it is not remarkable you are wasting your time and money.  It is simply another  30% discount add no one pays attention to.

Quick side note.  I am working with a few self storage owners and managers on how to make your self storage Remarkable in 2013. If your not going to be remarkable your marketing will not pay dividends.  If you want to be included send me an email at  Just room for 5 more people.  Now back to a remarkable facebook page.

Check out my facebook page.  Do you notice the Pinterest icon.  How cool is that, that people can go from your facebook page directly to your Pinterest site.

Notice the Pinterest icon on my facebook page

Check out how we have made it easy for all the people on Facebook, (for hours a day), to rent directly from our Facebook page.  First we uploaded a QR code for the cool dudes so they can scan and go directly to our  24 hour on line rental center.  Next we went to the facebook setting and made our facebook site an on line company.  This allowed us to put a web link in our description – that link brings them to our on line 24 hr rental site.

Did you notice the big Shop Icon with the rent now below it.  Just down load the facebook app at and you can add a SHOP icon to your facebook site.

If you do not have the ability to rent units from your web page (or don’t even have a web site yet) partner with and start renting on line now!

Rent now!

Now with one click from your facebook page your potential clients can view pictures of your units, learn what the size compares to and what fits in the unit.  And they can even rent when from the comfort of their homes.  Wow.  Being Remarkable means be innovative and catering to the early adaptors.  They will tell the rest of the world about you!

Now everyone can visualize all your unit on facebook


large pictures - description and Rent Now option

As always, any questions let me know.

Until next time Be Remarkable For Oversized Profits!

To Success!








Show case your units & RENT Units From Facebook!! A New Profit Center! Part 1

I have been studying and learning more everyday about social internet marketing and our self storage clients.  If you read my recent entry on LinkedIN group “Self Storage Marketing In Action” – Facebook the internet giant  you will understand how big an opportunity facebook is for self storage.  Don’t forget to Join the linkedin group “Self Storage Marketing In Action”  for great self storage marketing ideas!  Of course your invited to connect to me on Linkedin as well.

And the great thing is how incredible simple it is to take advantage of this opportunity now.  First I have to tell you I am not a computer or technology expert.  Like you I am an expert in Self Storage. I am happy to leave the tech stuff up to others and spend my time where it is most valuable – helping the customer.

The idea just dawned on me earlier this week as I was updating my self storage web sites to provide one more customer friendly feature by actually taking rentals on line ( vs reservations).  It dawned on me more people spend time on our facebook page than on our web site – why not rent units on facebook.

Have you seen facebook sites that have the SHOP button.  Its a relativley easy plug in.  If not you can see it on my self storage marketing facebook page 

So its easy.  We plug in the facebook SHOP page.  Then we upload a photo of each unit size & a RENT NOW button. And wala people can sign a contract on line, pay the first months rent in the comfort of their homes!  Like I said I don’t personally have the tech background or hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design the faceboook app shop page or the 24hr rent on line capacity so I use existing apps.

For the Facebook Shop page I will use :  – see facebook app at bottom of the page.

For the 24hr on line renting I will use   And the great thing about these guys is they give you a Rent now button and a rent now QR code and make you a free rent now web site.  And these guys are leaders helping self storages rent units on line 24 hours a day.   I am sure they will join us on this facebook profit center and will spend the time & money to make it better as we move forward!

This is an incredible real new profit center for us all!  People spend several hours a day on facebook. Five out of 6 minutes spent on social web sites are spent on facebook.  Now we have a simple way to provide one more client service that will turn into extra rents.  It will work because it is easy simple and convenient for potential renters. Many will go to rent now others may click RENT NOW to see unit sizes ( and boxes for sale as well).  People just like to surf the internet.  When they are ready they will feel more comfortable and attached to your self storage.  People need to see your message 10 – 20 times before they start connection with your facilty.  Facebook is a fast and free way to do this.

I am away from my 3 self storage months at a time.  When I visit them I take a hand full of marketing materials and visit throughout the town for an afternoon.  Every single time I run into two or more people who need to rent, ask me about sizes and prices but just have not had the time to make it down to our facility.  Obviously it is not an emergency but a need just the same that often goes unfulfilled.  I give them our card and try to coax them down to the facility soon. Now imagine If I remind them and everyone I visit that they can see our individual units on our self storage facebook page and actually rent from their home from facebook.  That night when they are surfing facebook you can bet they are going to check our site – many will like our site – a good thing and some will rent now and some will rent later.

If you know me or have followed my marketing post or read my book Crush Your Competition you know I like to set up various marketing ideas with a goal to make and EXTRA $24,000 in 12 months.  Well this is a no brainer by the end of the year for just one idea and one facility. And I am not even going to start with my newest facility which has over 300 facebook likes since it opened last year but with mansfield self storage in CT with just 90 likes yesterday.  Of course we will be getting those likes up using several concepts we just perfected at our new facility.

I don’t have any marketing mangers or people – its just me and our great store managers who do everything.  But we take a little action everyday and it makes a big difference in the end.  So what should you do now?

1)  If you do not have a company facebook page get one now – claim your name before some one else does.  I will do future posts on how to get likes and you can also watch our likes climb on our facebook site.

2)  go to and get signed up for their service.

3) add the SHOP button to your page.

4) Take pictures for each different units sizes.

I will update you with our progress, the next steps and would love to hear about yours.

I could have waited to post this when I have it all perfected but I wanted to share it now.  Maybe most will jump on board in a year when everyone is talking about it – of course – we will be miles ahead.  Some will wait a couple of weeks to check out my site.  But some will join in now!

Any questions let me know at

To Success!










Advertise locally – Get the most bang for your dollar!

Self Storage is a local business. People simply want their stuff close to them.  So why do I see adds for self storages located two towns away.  Just yesterday I heard a radio add for a self storage over an hour away.

Two of  the best way to advertise locally is the internet and direct marketing.  Your web site ( keywords – tags – page names) should be focused to your town.  You can even have your site come up before the big operators and reits because they have facilities in multiple towns they have to focus regionally.

Now when you advertise on google with adwords or facebook you can not only specify where people live but many other things.  It is much smarter to focus your advertising than to pay for advertising to people who will never use your services.  You probable have one of those $100 google ad words coupons – use it!  If not open a google adwords account and make an add but do not pay for it – in about a week you will have a google coupon code in in your email.

Direct mailing is also focused advertising.  You can choose individuals to mail advertising to such at realtors, attorneys, campgrounds ( rv storage), and funeral homes, apartments, etc in your town. Or you can do direct mailing to each household in town or even every other house hold.

Of course my favorite is to advertise to everyone as they drive by your site.  – More on that soon!