Hiring tips for the office

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Hiring tips for office storage

Guest post by Heather Roberts


The workplace is similar to a home over time you can find yourself with too much clutter and you need to free up some space. Alternatively, you may need to move to a larger workplace or downsize to a smaller place to help save costs. Either way during these situations you can find yourself with just too many bits and pieces and you may need to find an answer. The solution is the same as in a lot of cases and it means renting secure storage. This is the ideal choice for all types for business from an office to a huge industrial warehouse.

Why hire storage

Storage is the perfect and low cost option to keeping your possessions in a safe and secure environment. You may just need some storage room for surplus stock that will not fit into the office. Or you may need to store huge loads of industrial materials, whatever the reason hiring storage space is the affordable and easy option. Nowadays there is a vast choice of storage services available to suit all needs. You will need to contact a few companies to ensure they cover you requests, and ask for a full list of services and rates. One of the main concerns to cover is to have an accurate estimate of the size of the load you want to store. This will make certain you hire the correct size unit to keep your items.

Storage options to help all

You will discover that there is a good selection of solutions to storing almost any type of objects. In addition to being a temporary solution when moving house they are there when you are relocating a business. You may find yourself in a place that you don’t have enough room for all of your possessions. You will be able to find a solution to your dilemma. You have the benefit of hiring a storage room for as long as you need. In addition you can hire different levels of security, so if you are storing valuable equipment, electronics or vehicles then you can have the top protection. If you only need a basic type of storage room that is well kept, modern and clean for basic materials then this is an option. Also you will have the choice to keep your belongings in a temperature controlled environment if you are storing sensitive items that need a special atmosphere.

The independence

Renting office storage or any other storage option you will be given a key to enter the unit when you want. Some facilities open round the clock others have specific times. It is worth checking with the manager of the depot first. You may need to inform them of who will be accessing the storage room.  If this changes be prepared to give identifications details of another person who will be entering the space. If you need other storage services such as packing supplies, deliveries and loading, check what is available to you.

Storage is the ideal and affordable choice nowadays to save money on buying or renting a larger work place. With property prices rising all the time this can be an inexpensive answer. It really doesn’t matter what you need to store, it will all be kept in a safe and protected environment with the latest security surveillance monitoring it. The latest gadgets and electronic systems monitor the facilities for your complete assurance. So you can relax and be confident that all of your items are in safe hands. You will be able to purchase extra insurance cover if you prefer for additional safety. House Moving Van Westminster is a smart option for your future house moving.

Self Storage Tips For Domestic and Businesses.

Self storage tips for domestic and businesses

Guest post by Heather Roberts


When it comes to storing your access contents a self storage facility may be the answer. Self storage is the perfect solution for you to pack almost anything you don’t need around you for a while. Most companies request you use your own lock to secure the storage unit and employees at a storage depot are not responsible for the contents. These are a common solution to business when they need to rent extra space as well as domestic contents.  Here are some helpful tips to storing your possessions.

1. Self storage is an affordable choice

Self storage units come in a range of sizes and are suitable for almost any use. If you need some more room for your business stock, equipment or furniture then it is the perfect choice. You may be moving to a new home and it isn’t ready yet then this is an ideal solution for short term storage. It doesn’t matter what the reason is even if you simply want to make more room, the self storage unit Bayswater can help in numerous ways.

2. Storage can be helpful in a lot of ways

With the cost of moving on the rise storage is for a lot of people the first choice to store and keep hold of your possessions. Storage comes in all sorts of sizes and levels so from inexpensive bulk loads to lavish valuables there is a solution for all. It can be considerably cheaper than moving. Find out the best companies to deal with your circumstances. Do your research and find out recommendations from people you know or source the internet for local companies. You will have the preference of short or long term durations, but it is a good idea to ask when you call for any minimum length of time limits.

3. Useful tips on packing your items

Like any move you will need to make certain your belongings are packed with care. Use strong boxes and bubble wrap to protect your bits and pieces, but try not to overfill the boxes. Wrap large items in plastic and seal. Label all of your boxes and make a list of everything you pack so you know where everything is. Store your clothes, blankets and curtains in airtight bags to keep dry and clean. Ensure your electrical appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers are dry before storing, and leave the doors slightly open on fridges and freezers.

4. Picking the level of security

You will be able to decide on the level of security to suit your needs. All storage units are located in safe environments, from electronic gated to warehouses and industrial units. All depots will have round the clock surveillance monitoring the facility, alarms and intercom systems. You will have the convenience of entering your storage unit when you want. It is worth checking with the site manager for opening hours. It is probable that you will have to nominate who will be entering the unit, and if it changes you will have to inform the facility manager, and show identification of who you are.

5. Notes and advice

When hiring self storage you will have to load it and lock it yourself with a certain type of lock. The company will provide all the information of what you do. You will have to either buy insurance from the storage company or another source for the contents as in most cases it is solely your responsibility and not the companies. Keep in touch with your chosen company and ask for advice if you need it.



What Are The Benefits Of Storage When Moving Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Storage When Moving Home?

Guest post by Heather Roberts


If you have ever moved home before, you will realise how quickly it can become apparent just how much stuff there is to move. All of the items which are normally concealed in cupboards and wardrobes will have to be moved, as well as the wardrobes themselves. It is no surprise, then, that so many people simply choose to turn towards a storage option in order to get the best possible move. With so many storage companies out there vying for your business, it is obvious that there is an advantage for the customer, but what can you gain by finding a place in which to store your items when moving home and what does storage have to offer potential movers?

Moving - There are many benefits to using Self Storage.

One of the biggest benefits of placing your items into storage is that you will have less objects to move. While this might seem obvious, it can also lead to some unpredicted advantages. Perhaps the biggest of these is that you will be able to alter the scale of the removals services which you will require on the moving day. Whereas it might cost a huge amount to move everything all at once, the alternative is to place some items into storage and then hire a much smaller scale service in order to get as much moved as quickly as possible. This can be far cheaper and means that you can take advantage of services such as a man with a van when it comes to moving home instead of having to rely on the larger scale options. For those who are on the precipice of a move which is not quite big and not quite small and are thus unsure of what kind of help you will need, the ability to place some items into storage can make everything a great deal easier.

As well as being able to save you money by reducing your need for large scale removals services, storage can also save you a huge amount of effort when it comes to moving home. While many people will waste their time heaving around all of their possessions, packing them up and unpacking them in a short amount of time, storage allows you to spread this process over a longer period and do what you want, when it suits you. This means that you only have to focus on moving the core essentials are first and then can move the rest at a time which suits you. This is far easier on your body and your schedule, saving you the effort of having to pick everything up and the effort of having to clear more free time. When it comes to moving house, storage can make sure that you are conducting the process on your own terms.

As well as making sure that you can save money and effort when it comes to moving to a new property, storage can also mean that you are able to keep your items in the best possible condition. A move can be the kind of time when – for example – your furniture can be most at risk. With so much to move and in such a short amount of time, some of the more delicate items can be placed in a hectic environment. While removals companies will do their utmost to protect everything during transit, this does not extend to when you are trying to force everything into your new home all at once. By placing items into storage, you can ensure that they are in a safe and secure environment while you settle into the new home. You can contact Mobile Self Storage W3 if you need storage space.



Collect Names and Numbers For Huge Profits!

Can you answer these Four Questions every time you got a no?

When ever a potential renter does not rent you must ask these three questions to see if you are really doing a great job.

1 What are the customers needs and wants?

2 What did the customer say that leads you to believe these are their needs.

3 What approach did you take to close the sale?

4. Did you ask for their number?

 “Marc I understand you don’t want to make a decision now but can I get your        number and call you back in a couple of days to see if you have any questions?   I  have found it has been very helpful for many of my renters.

It is easy to blame  price as the reason a person did not rent.  As you get good at making sure you are ready to answer these questions for every no you will find price is typically not the reason.

Every potential customer must be called back in 1-3 days and response recorded in your contact form.

Hi Tom, this is Marc From Coventry Self Storage.  I just wanted to give you a quick  call to see if you have any questions I can help you with.”

 “Have you tied down when you will be needing storage?  Would you like to do the  paperwork to make sure we have a  unit available for you when you need it?

 If no “ Why don’t I give you a call back …..(based upon previous answer) to see how things are going?”

To Success!



Coventry Self Storage Goes Green!

Press Release

May 2014

Coventry Self Storage, LLC

2709 Route 44

Coventry CT 06238

www.CoventryStorage.com   860-742-5540

Contact: Marc Goodin 860-830-6764

Coventry Self Storage goes Solar!

Marc Goodin and Marsh Dubaldo, owners of Coventry Self Storage are excited to join the local efforts to Solarize Coventry, CT.  Coventry Self Storage it is going green with a state of the art solar system. Coventry Self Storage will produce 100% of its electrical needs with the installation of a 58KW Rooftop Photovoltaic Solar System. The 242 solar panels will be installed on the self storage roof. The system is presently being installed and will be operational July 2014.

Coventry is helping to lead Connecticut’s efforts for renewable energy resources and Coventry presently has over 50 solar installations on residential and municipal buildings.  This is Coventry’s first solar installation on a commercial property.

Coventry Self Storage uses the majority of its electricity to heat and cool its two climate control buildings.  The secondary use of electricity is the lighting throughout the facility.

We believe it is important for all businesses to be environmental friendly as possible.  Coventry Self Storage is also helping its neighbors and friends go green and reduce their carbon foot print by providing recycling for computers and other electronic products.  Products can be dropped off Monday – Friday 10 am to 5pm or Saturday 9am to 3pm.

About Coventry Self Storage:

 Coventry Self Storage has over 400 units located in 6 buildings, ranging in size from 5’ x 5’ to 10” x 30’.  They offer both regular units and climate control units.  The facility provides security fencing and cameras, along with gate access to meet their client’s needs.

As a full service Self Storage their retail store is open 6 days a week to assist their customers and provide a full range of packing and moving supplies. Coventry Self Storage has been providing the self storage needs of the community since 2004.

How the solar system works:

The sun bathes the earth with enough energy in one hour to satisfy the entire world’s energy needs for a year!

Over 240 solar panels located on the roof capture and create Direct Current (DC) electricity.

Four Solar Inverters take the DC electricity and converts it to Alternating Current (AC), which can be used to power Coventry Self Storage.

The AC power is directed from the inverts into the local utility system called the grid.  The utility company tracks the net energy produced with the utility electrical meter and credits Coventry Self Storage for the electricity it produces.

Encon Solar of Stratford CT is installing the system.  www.enconsolar.com

Financing by Farmington Bank

Recycle your electronics at CSS!


Spring is in the air! Lets Double our renters this month!

Summer Sun

We are always trying new marketing ideas.  Some work some don’t.

Improving you existing marketing ideas often gives you the best results for your dollar.
For example every spring we order a 1000 sunflower seed packs and visit the town and hand them out. Note we hand the vast majority outside of the office.  This allows us to meet with a lot of people and either tell them about us or remind them about us.
If you have read my self storage book Crush Your Competition, I have a chapter on marketing with products, including sunflower seeds.  The following will help you get a better return on your marketing with free give aways.
Here is an email I sent out to my managers today at my three facilities.
Here is great idea to get a better return for our free sunflower seed packs.
Every time we give out a free pack we ask three things – will they plant them & will they put a picture on our facebook page in May.  Maybe a couple will.
But here is the fun part. Everyday for the rest of the month we post a picture of a different person holding a packet of seeds with a caption like:
” Robert from Pizza Delight got his free pack of sunflowers seeds today form Mansfield Self Storage.  Stop by and say hello and get your FREE pack of Sunflower seeds.  If you live in town and can’t make it to our facility let me know & we will drop off a pack to you!”
You can ask everyone you hand out seeds if you can post their picture with the seeds on our Facebook page.    If they are at a business you can ask if they would like us to mention their business.

Summer Sun Flower Seed Promotion

Don’t forget to tell them to like our Facebook page and check out their picture!

If you are short on pictures for everyday you probable have a few relatives, friends and neighbors who will pose for you.   And if you have too many pictures, it is ok to post more than one a day.
People will enjoy getting the flowers and watching them grow.  And they will remember us when they need storage.  And if they like us on Facebook some of their friends will also think of us when they need storage.
If you do not miss a single week day M-F day posting a different person with a packet of seeds from Monday May 12 – Friday May 30, I will give you $100.
Maybe you can even get a few crazy kids to “fun or strange poses”   Maybe you can even get some well know people in town to pose???
For your friday Facebook post this week – put a picture of yourself with the seeds- or if your shy post a picture of the seed pack and say come on in for your free pack.
You can even put free seed packs on Craigs list once a week?
You get the idea the more the better. Lets keep getting better!
To More Happy Customers, Friends And Future Customers!!

People love the seeds!

$30,000 In Extra Profits with one sentence!

Just say

“Our customers love the connivance of our guaranteed no late fee auto payment program.  Would you prefer to use master card or Visa?”

And most self storages will be looking at and extra $30,000 a year in profits!

To often the managers are not even asking the client if they want to get on the program and if they are they are significantly reducing the chance of a yes by asking the yes or no question:  Would you like to get on auto pay?  Consumers are trained to think they are being sold to so typically they always lean toward no when asked a yes or no question.

Guaranteed no late fees!

Here are the numbers:

Research shows a renter on auto pay stays two months longer on the average.

And 10 extra auto pays a month = 30,000 a year – Really!

10/month x 12 months/yr x 2 extra months x $125 a month = $30,000 a year WOW







No Late Fees!A couple of signs will help!

A couple of signs will also help

Sign on counter:

10 days late – $20 late fee

2o days late – $20 late fee

Sign on Wall: Ask me about  our guaranteed no late fee plan


And thats not even the whole story -Not only does the customer save time but so  do we. –  For everyone on auto payment its often one less phone call and letter to collect those over due rents.

Plus you no longer have a problem with that customer who moves out three days after their due.  They have already paid. (vs. moving out without paying)

To Success!


Time is money!


How we just hired an outstanding new self storage manager.

It is so important to hire the best manager possible.   It takes time but one way to get off to a great start is to send prospective applicants a Job description and a employee manual like the ones I have for sale on my web site.  I hired a new manager last week and I added the job over view below to the specific list of duties.   It helped.  A couple of people even called and cancelled the interview saving me time.  When we interviewed we asked each applicant if they could summarize the position based upon the information we sent and their research and what would be required to be a terrific manager and what made them qualified.

Many people disqualified themselves immediately.  They either did not read the information we sent or simple could not communicate to the level required to be a terrific manager. When we came to the right person for the position it was clear she really understood the position, she had the qualifications, she had the enthusiasm required and was excited about the position.  Whatever you do don’t settle for a good enough in a manager.  It will keep your facility from reaching its full potential and cost you lost profits without a doubt.

Mansfield Self Storage Employee Job Description

March 2014


Over View

Walk fast, smile and make new friends.

The number one responsibility of the Manager is to learn and become an expert at the rental sales process and customer service including:

Meeting, greeting and shaking hands with the client at the front door;

Listening to the client:  80% listening, 20% talking;

Projecting trust and building rapport with clients;

Walking each and every client to view the site and unit sizes;

Share and ask questions to determine the client’s real needs and wants so you can provide a solution.

Offer boxes locks, and insurance to every customer and let them know we are here to help with all their storage, moving and packing needs.

Promote, market and sell our facility to the community at large, including regular visits to local businesses and involvement in our community to insure they think of us when they or their friends need self storage. Know Mansfield Self Storage Inside and out.

Insure our customer’s first impression of us is exceptional by keeping our office, site and gardens in tip top shape.  Of course providing exceptional customer service with a smile goes without saying.

Continuously learn about the self storage industry, customer service, marketing, sales and our clients in order to better serve our clients.

The Mansfield Self Storage manager must be self motivated because essentially you are your own boss.  You have to determine the priority of you daily activities.  Your energy and ability to continuously improve yourself and Mansfield Self Storage is critical.  If you are not proud of yourself and Mansfield Self Storage clients will not believe in us.

Your success and our success depends on your ability to:

Smile, be energetic and relate with clients and build trust;

Understand, learn and implement self storage sales and marketing daily;

Understand if your not making mistakes and learning you are not doing your job; Understand you are in charge and need to take the initiative to: be proactive, to solve problems, develop efficient systems and market Mansfield Self Storage.


In addition to the above we gave prospective applicants the specific job description and company manual.


There is nothing more exciting than a manager who takes charge!








Its clear the in the 21 century sales and marketing is not what it used to be.  So I am thinking of writing a book on self storage sales (vs marketing).  Do you think a how to self storage book would be beneficial to you?   Let me know.

Here is a draft preview.

Chapter 1

Lets Have Fun & Make Money

The boss walks in and starts talking about the new marketing and sales program and we immediately think of more work and imagine a bunch of stuff we don’t want to do and in the end will not make a difference to the bottom line.   But 21st marketing & sales is not your old marketing & sales program.  We still need great customer service and a bright, clean and cheery facility but we have to add one more thing: BE REMARKABLE.  And I guarantee rentals and profits will skyrocket.

Being safe & doing what everyone else is doing is risky.

My dad was ahead of his advertising time. Hw always had fun sales.

Lets think about how much more fun work is going to be by learning and embracing the new face of sales and marketing. Here are some of the things we enjoying for our customers:

Surprise & do the unexpected – do the outrages

Do random acts of kindness.  Its not the dollar value but the personal touch

Tell your story – provide proof over promise

 Make people feel special.

Find ways to make people immensely obligated by your kindness.

Listen and Share

Give your facility “ that just right feeling”

Build Relationships & trust with your clients

Be empowered to do what’s right

Take charge

Turn “selling” off for more profits

Be different -We are different let us show you how.

Be REMARKABLE – be so special people talk about you.  Your customers are more persuasive and credible than you or I can ever be.

To Success,



Why are people going to rent from you vs the facility across the street?

It is not because:

You have the best location.

You are the only storage in town.

You have the lowest price.

You have the best customer service.

You have the cleanest facility.

You have the best sales presentation.

You have candy on the counter.

You have the best security.

You offer free water & coffee.

You dress the best.

You promise them the most.

You have 10 sizes to choose from.

You give them the first month free.

You have the most features and benefits.

You won’t raise their rent this year.

Your facility is open 24 hours a day.

You dress up your facility for each holiday.

You give them a free lock.

You have the best landscaping.

They rent from you because they trust you!  

Or as learned along time ago in my engineering business  people like to do business with people they like and trust.

Or as I point out in my Book CRUSH your COMPETITION people rent from you because “it just feels right”.

Trust & love make the world go round.









If you have the marketing whistles and bells but are not renting to everyone who walks in the door look for trust issues.

Before you rent people have to believe in you, believe what you are promising, believe they come first.

Earn trust, earn trust, and earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.

Next week I will show you how to earn trust.  A little preview:  It starts with self confidence and confidence in your facility.

To Success!