Tips & Thoughts From The Self Storage World Expo

Tips & Thoughts From The Inside Self Storage World Expo

By Marc Goodin 

Its always fun to go to the ISS Self Storage Convention every April in Las Vegas.  It seams to get bigger and bigger every year.

Now that self storage is a $26-billion-dollar industry and growing a billion dollars a year, I am amazed with all the new ad on “software support” systems at the shows and the lack of the critical high touch element.  If you believed the show mentality you would need a dozen computer programs to market and manage your facility.  Since the industry continues to have the least trained managers and along with the lack of sales & marketing of any industry (without plans for change) they keep trying to fix the problem with more and more computer programs.  The good news is this allows for a small percentage of us to be use the Ritz management philosophy to have the happiest customers, who are willing to pay for this premiere service.

I enjoyed presenting How To Layout a Facility for Maximum Customer Service and Maximum Profits to a group of 300 to 400 future self storage developers.  Based upon the all the questions it is clear, there simple is not enough information and guidelines or self storage development experts to help new developers.  If you send me and email at I will send you my best selling self storage development book to give you a head start.

Based upon conversation after conversation it was obvious that most new developers should hire a management company and that going it alone would be very painful. People simple do not realize self storage is the hardest simplest business.  Of course, Storage Authority Franchising is a new alternative for those who do not want to hand over 100% of the management and would be good at coaching a manager driven system with proven high tech & high touch for over sized profits.

For the people who have zero time like groups building facility after facility or the wealthy investor who just wants to keep their money “safe” (vs oversized profits) hiring a management company is the best alternative.  If you need a management company contact let me know and I will provide you one or two of the better ones. You need to read their agreements in order to get the whole picture. I understand why management companies have to do what they do such as: they required the the facility to close for lunch and exactly at closing time no matter what.  And if a manager lets someone in at lunch or 5 minutes after closing the manager would actually be penalized. Or not permitting new renters to call the facility but requiring them to call an expensive call center.   This is just the opposite of how you or I would typically run a business. Never mind that you are going to make significantly less money with a management company than with our knowledge, systems and sales and marketing plans and your coaching.

The vendor show was mostly about technology.  Most of it trying to force the manger do do the right thing. Of course you can not force over the top customer service, sales and marketing which requires hiring a sales person for your facility and a great marketing and sales systems and on going training program. One good management program and one good web site with on going SEO typically will do the job.

There are a couple of technology items whose time have come.  One is online auctions.  There are several great on line auction companies.  The second one is personalized online: renting, payment center, gate opener, phone kiosk, personalized app and communication center.  I recommend you get SpiderDoor the Personalized App Provider For Self Storage.  If you have questions email my friend Dakota.  Let him know I sent you.

You still have time to get your new self storage project under construction this year! Feel free to contact me with your questions.

Storage Authority Franchising is about owning your own hometown self storage business. And having the professional systems and knowledge to assist and guide you. We like to say You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.  If you are thinking about self storage you owe it to yourself to contact Garrett at 941-928-1354 or to learn more about the Storage Authority Franchise opportunity.

Marc Goodin is President of Storage Authority Franchising.  He owns 3 self storages he designed, built and manages. He has been helping others in the self storage industry for over 25 years.   He can be reached at or directly at 860-830-6764 to answerer your development, marketing, sales and operations questions.  His best selling self storage books are available at Amazon.







3 Steps To Get Started In Self Storage.

Dear Friends,

This may be a long but I know, for a couple of you, it will change your life.

I have shared the secretes of self storage wealth with many people and of course my best friend. As the new year rolls out I want to take the time to let you know You Can Do It! Many people are going to start their self storage empire in 2017. WHY NOT YOU? WHY NOT NOW?


Well simple put only 1 to 3% of the people are ever going to be ready to do their own thing. That’s ok. But if your in that 3% I wanted to take the time today to share the 3 steps to get started.

Just as important there are a ton of people always stuck on the fence so I am first going to share a story. I hope this will help you get off the fence on one side or the other.

25 years ago I asked my best friend if he wanted to start a civil engineering business with me. He said it was to risky and he took an engineering job with the state. I enjoyed being my own boss and all the rewards it brought me and my family. I built a very successful engineering business and sold it when I retired 10 years ago. About 12 years ago I asked the same best friend if he wanted to build a self storage with me. He said it sounds like a good idea but he wanted to see how it worked out. I built it and it helped me make the decision to retire 2 years later.

About three years later I asked him if he wanted in on my second self storage. He said he did not want to risk his 2 kids college fund. Well we both spend close to $150,000 putting our kids through college. The difference is my friend is still working 8 – 5 and will continue to work to 65. Hopefully he will have time to save up a nest egg again. He is one of the lucky ones who will also get a state pension.

Now on the other hand I took my savings, took advantage of the banks money and invested in self storage. Self storage paid for my kids college and keeps paying me every year and will put millions in my bank account when and if I ever sell. Now of course everyone tells me how lucky I am. And indeed I am because I am having a blast and enjoying everyday.. I am offering you the opportunity to join us and be just as lucky as me!

So why not take the challenge and get started now. Here are the three steps to kick start your self storage future:

3 Steps to Kick Start Your Self Storage Future Today!

1) Make a decision to do something every week. And go getter’s you can do something every day! Success does not come in a day or week it comes from one step after another.

2) Apply online for a Storage Authority Franchise today! There is no reason to start from scratch. You will enjoy getting your doors open sooner, easier and most importantly larger profits. And the real truth for most people is they simple will never do it on their own. Having help and being accountable will get you off the fence and on your way. Once you take the 15 minutes to complete the application email and let him know you completed the application. Take advantage of Garrett’s knowledge and experience and enjoy his mentorship. If you don’t have 15 minutes today to complete the application I dare you to email Garrett and let him know you will be completing it tomorrow.


3) Learn something about your new self storage enterprise every day. Here  you can learn about self storage conversions, the location of 150+ Kmarts & Sears closing. And learn about how to do a mini self Storage Demand Story.

If you have questions or need to hear first hand how to get started please contact Garrett. It will be his pleasure to help you. Here is a little bit about Garrett from his press release. When you call him ask about how he took the 3 story self storage facility from the grand opening to 62% full in 6 months and you will understand why we are so excited and luck to have him on our Team.

Storage Authority LLC hired Garrett Byrd as Director of Franchising. He will over see all aspects of recruiting and assisting new franchisees. Garrett is a self storage veteran with extensive experience in self storage revenue growth, sales and marketing. He will assist new franchisees starting with finding land right through pre opening marketing, training and operations. If you are interested in learning more on the dynamics of self storage franchising please contact Garrett directly at (941) 928-1354 or email him at

I wish all of you tremendous success in 2017

We look forward to helping the 1% who are ready to go!


Marc G


Marc Goodin is President of Storage Authority Franchising. He owns 3 self storages he designed, built and manages. He has been helping others in the self storage industry for over 25 years. He can be reached at marc@StorageAuthority or directly at 860-830-6764 to answerer your construction and development questions. His construction and marketing books are available in the ISS book store and Amazon

100 + Kmarts for you to Convert To Self Storage for HUGE Profits

100+ Kmarts for You to Convert To Self Storage for HUGE Profits!
by Marc Goodin

Conversions of exiting building into self storage is typically faster then building from scratch. And often these empty grocery stores, Wal marts, sears, Kmarts etc are located in high population and high traffic areas so they are prime self storage locations.  While conversions cost about the same as new construction your the regulatory process is much easier and you can cut your time in half.


Adding the self storage units cost aprox. $10 to $12 per square foot. And often you can expect to spend another $10/sf foot on soft costs, building improvements, office build out, signage, parking improvements.

You can find these buildings by simply driving around your neighborhood. If you have a KMART or SEARS  in your town you have a 1 in 10 chance it may be an option for a future self storage as sears is closing about 10% of it stores.

Sears announced a second wave of store closures on Wednesday, bringing the total number of closures scheduled for early 2017 to 150.

The company will shut down 108 Kmart stores and 42 Sears stores by April, according to an internal document obtained by Business Insider.
Upcoming Store Closures Announced 1/4/2017


Kmart 3600 Wilson Road Bakersfield CA
Kmart 25 West Polk Street Coalinga CA
Kmart 333 Sierra Street Kingsburg CA
Kmart 363 S Broadway Denver CO
Kmart 2809 North Ave Grand Junction CO
Kmart 45 Shunpike Road Cromwell CT
Kmart 3200 Macon Road Columbus GA
Kmart 365 Habersham Village Circle Cornelia GA
Kmart 1601 Highway 40 East Kingsland GA
Kmart 2600 Dodge Street Dubuque IA
Kmart 5700 Gordon Drive Sioux City IA
Kmart 3810 University Avenue Waterloo IA
Kmart 2851 Belt Line Parkway Alton IL
Kmart 3655 Nameoki Road Granite City IL
Kmart 750 Indian Boundary Road Chesterton IN
Kmart 1460 West State Road 2 La Porte IN
Kmart 4820 S 4th St Trafficway Leavenworth KS
Kmart 4200 W Kellogg Dr Wichita KS
Kmart 115 South Airline Hwy Gonzales LA
Kmart 1400 S Clearview Parkway New Orleans LA
Kmart 29600 Ford Road Garden City MI
Kmart 3555 O’Neill Drive Jackson MI
Kmart 1396 South Main Street Adrian MI
Kmart 5400 S Cedar Street Lansing MI
Kmart 1501 E Apple Ave Muskegon MI
Kmart 40855 Ann Arbor Road Plymouth MI
Kmart 17580 Frazho Road Roseville MI
Kmart 3541 Highland Road Waterford MI
Kmart 165 Wayne Road Westland MI
Kmart 6455 US 31 N Acme Township MI
Kmart 1305 Highway 10 West Detroit Lakes MN
Kmart 1477 State Highway 248 Branson MO
Kmart 2304 Missouri Blvd Jefferson City MO
Kmart 1003 S Bishop Ave Rolla MO
Kmart 3101 S Glenstone Ave Springfield MO
Kmart 6650 Manchester Ave St Louis MO
Kmart 545 US Hwy 29 North Concord NC
Kmart 1931 Skibo Road Fayetteville NC
Kmart 201 N Berkeley Blvd Goldsboro NC
Kmart 102 New Market Madison NC
Kmart 815 S College Road Wilmington NC
Kmart 1468 Clementon Road Clementon NJ
Kmart 645 Highway 18 East Brunswick NJ
Kmart 800 Black Horse Pike Pleasantville NJ
Kmart Rte 9 & Rte 47 Rio Grande NJ
Kmart 10405 S Eastern Ave Henderson NV
Kmart 1500 Coshocton Ave Mount Vernon OH
Kmart 185 Upper River Road Gallipolis OH
Kmart 1005 East Columbus St Kenton OH
Kmart 225 West Avenue New Boston OH
Kmart 1284 Brice Road Reynoldsburg OH
Kmart I-70 & Mall Road St. Clairsville OH
Kmart 3515 N Maple Avenue Zanesville OH
Kmart 4 East Shawnee St Muskogee OK
Kmart 5820 Shaffer Road Dubois PA
Kmart 1320 E Grandview Blvd Erie PA
Kmart 1890 Fruitville Pike Lancaster PA
Kmart 5600 Carlisle Pike US 11 Mechanicsburg PA
Kmart 120 Mall Blvd Monroeville PA
Kmart 100 Cross Roads Plz Mt. Pleasant PA
Kmart 3801 B Clemson Blvd Anderson SC
Kmart 254 Highway 72 By-Pass Greenwood SC
Kmart 8571 Rivers Avenue North Charleston SC
Kmart 3020 W 12th St Sioux Falls SD
Kmart 305 W Economy Road Morristown TN
Kmart 1120 Mc Rae Blvd El Paso TX
Kmart 9484 Dyer St El Paso TX
Kmart 1101 Fort Hood Street Killeen TX
Kmart 3061 S John Redditt Dr Lufkin TX
Kmart 1153 W Highway 40 Vernal UT
Kmart 2010 N Main St Layton UT
Kmart 1419 Hershberger Road N W Roanoke VA
Kmart 3655 Plank Road Fredericksburg VA
Kmart 6101 N Military Hwy Norfolk VA
Kmart 1355 West Main Street Salem VA
Kmart 1425 E Highway 151 Platteville WI
Kmart 2211 S Green Bay Road Racine WI
Kmart 1840 Dell Range Blvd Cheyenne WY
Sears* Albany Mall Albany GA
Sears 5555 Whittlesey Blvd Columbus GA
Sears 1235 S Reed Road Kokomo IN
Sears 2259 S 9th St Salina KS
Sears* 9001 Cortana Mall Baton Rouge / Cortana LA
Sears* 197 Westbank Expressway Gretna LA
Sears* 3099 28th St SE Grand Rapids MI
Sears* 12737 Riverdale Blvd NW Coon Rapids MN
Sears* 1850 Adams St Mankato MN
Sears* 3600 Country Club Dr Jefferson Cty MO
Sears 3702 Frederick Ave Saint Joseph MO
Sears* 3902 13th Ave South Fargo ND
Sears 1000 S Main St Roswell NM
Sears* 2000 Brittain Road Akron OH
Sears* 1075 N Bridge St Chillicothe OH
Sears* 1701 River Valley Circle S Lancaster OH
Sears* Richmond Mall Richmond Hts OH
Sears 428 SW C Ave Lawton OK
Sears* 1 Susquehanna Valley Mall Dr Selinsgrove PA
Sears* 1500 Mall Run Road Uniontown PA
Sears* 3595 Capital City Mall Camp Hill PA
Sears* 1500 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket RI
Sears* 2701 David H Mcleod Blvd Florence SC
Sears* 2101 Fort Henry Dr Kingsport TN
Sears* 4101 E 42nd St Odessa TX
Sears* 500 Gate City Hwy Bristol VA

Announced 12/27/2016
Kmart 300 Highway 78 E Jasper AL
Kmart 2003 US Hwy 280 Bypass Phenix City AL
Kmart 3001 Iowa Avenue Riverside CA
Kmart 501 N Beneva Road Sarasota FL
Kmart 1801 Northwest Hwy 19 Crystal River FL
Kmart 15271 Mcgregor Blvd Fort Myers FL
Kmart 2111 S Federal Hwy Fort Pierce FL
Kmart 1501 Normandy Village Jacksonville FL
Kmart 2211 W Irlo Bronson Hwy Kissimmee FL
Kmart 19400 Cochran Blvd Port Charlotte FL
Kmart 4955 Golden Gate Parkway Naples FL
Kmart 111 Town & Country Drive Palatka FL
Kmart 33 W Montgomery Cross Road Savannah GA
Kmart 4561 Salt Lake Blvd Halawa / Honolullu HI
Kmart 191 Outer Loop Road Louisville KY
Kmart 2945 Scottsville Road Bowling Green KY
Kmart 14662 N US Highway 25 East Corbin KY
Kmart 1501 Paris Pike Georgetown KY
Kmart 3010 Fort Campbell Blvd Hopkinsville KY
Kmart 1710 West Highway 192 London KY
Kmart 2815 West Parrish Avenue Owensboro KY
Kmart 9 Plaza Way Fairhaven MA
Kmart 1130 Newport Avenue South Attleboro MA
Kmart 222 N Point Blvd Baltimore MD
Kmart 688 Hogan Road Bangor ME
Kmart 4645 Commercial Drive New Hartford NY
Kmart 5132 6th Ave Tacoma WA
Kmart 731 Beverly Pike Elkins WV
Kmart 1050 Division Street Parkersburg WV
Kmart 250 Three Springs Drive Weirton WV
Sears* 301 Cox Creek Pkwy Florence AL
Sears 1901 S Caraway Road Jonesboro AR
Sears 90 Elm St; Enfield Sq Enfield CT
Sears* 301 Eagle Ridge Dr Lake Wales FL
Sears* 5101 Hinkleville Road Paducah KY
Sears* 262 Swansea Mall Drive Swansea MA
Sears* 10 Whitten Road Augusta ME
Sears* 1261 Niagara Falls Blvd Amherst NY
Sears* 2000 Walden Ave Cheektowaga NY
Sears* 1 N Galleria Dr Middletown NY
Sears 9605 Queens Blvd Rego Park NY
Sears 1901 S Yale Ave Tulsa OK
Sears 3245 E State St Hermitage/Sharon PA
Sears* 18600 Alderwood Mall Pkwy Lynnwood WA
Sears 225 Meadowbrook Road Bridgeport WV
Sears* Towne Center Mall Charleston WV
All stores above will close at the end of March except for the following locations:

Kmart, Cromwell, CT – mid-March
Kmart, Mechanicsburg, PA – mid-February
Sears, Florence, SC – mid-February
Sears, Camp Hill, PA – mid-February


Marc Goodin is President of Storage Authority Franchising.   He owns 3 self storages he designed, built and manages. He has been helping others in the self storage industry for over 25 years.   He can be reached at marc@StorageAuthority or directly at 860-830-6764 to answerer your construction and development questions.


Incredible Franchise Business!


Storage Authority

The Best Business For The Busy Professional 

Would you rather take a shot or sit in the bleachers and wonder what it is like to play? 

The DOW lost 2.23% in 2015 – There is a much better place to invest your time & money!

Storage Authority’s high demand manager driven operations, sales and marketing systems & platforms are revolutionizing the self storage industry.  We are now offering an extraordinary opportunity of self storage ownership in your neighborhood to qualified individuals.

Contact us now to learn more about this extraordinary opportunity: or 860-830-6764 Marc Goodin, Storage Authority President


A professional Image from day one


Seven Reasons Why Self Storage Now?

  1. There Has Never Been A Better Time To Get Started.
  2. Extremely Profitable – 30% Plus Returns Vs. 0-10% Returns For Other Real Estate Development Like Apartments Or Hotels.  Self Storage Not Only Provides Present Day Income but It Also Provides Retirement Income.
  3. Abundance of Financing Options With Equity Requirements As Low As 10%.
  4. Significant New Construction Is Required To Meet Pent Up and Surging Demand.
  5. Owner Life Style – Replace Your Income with A Manger Driven Self Storage Business With Automation: Franchising; Kiosks; Web Based Automation.
  6. No Painting, No Backed Up Toilets, No Midnight Calls And Just A Couple Of Employees.
  7. Self storage is a 26 Billion dollar a year business and projected to a billion dollars a year over the next five years. The smart money is going into self storage.

Storage Authority Franchising Is Ready To Provide You The How To Knowledge And Help You Need Get Off To A Fast And Provide You The Systems And Experience That Will Make A Difference.

 Self Storage & You:

  • You can enjoy the many rewards of owning your own business.
  • You can build an incredible income and retirement nest egg at the same time.
  • You can be your own boss.
  • Enjoy family participation in the business.

Self Storage & You & Storage Authority Franchising:

  • You can keep your job with our manager driven system. (Or you and or your spouse can quit your job when your ready.)
  • Better locations and faster start up.
  • Profit from Storage Authority Experience and networking with other franchisees.
  • Control your own future and security with a proven system of success.
  • Save time and money with a tested business plan and systems
  • Professional start-up training and on going programs.
  • Enjoy the many benefits like, higher profits, avoid costly mistakes, group marketing, better locations, group discounts, professional image from day one, brand recognition, internet platforms, etc. that most business owners can not obtain on their own.
  • A rare opportunity to have BOTH a self experts and a Franchise experts working for your you and your success!  In business for yourself but not by yourself.
  • We’ve done the research and provide you National & individual web sites with SEO, on line reservations, Management programs, including Owners Insight program to better control and understand your operations to make your job easier!

What the Industry is Saying about Storage Authority 

“Trachte has long a standing relationship with Marc Goodin and looks forward to providing Storage Authority franchises top quality buildings. Storage Authority offers a one of a kind opportunity for developers.”

Steve HajewskiTrachte Building Systems


‘’Franchised self-storage is a good way to get into a very profitable industry without the costly mistakes of learning a new business.  And Marc has put together an excellent team with expertise and experience every step of the way.  At Space Control we have been working with storage owners for over 20 years and that is reflected in our software.  With Storage Authority you’re in good hands from day one.’’  

Ramona Taylor, President Space Control


‘Self storage franchising combines the best of what can make self storage such a fantastic business: the independence that the successful entrepreneur loves and the proven systems and resources used by the ‘big guys’ that improve revenues, profits and values. The smartest people in our business surround themselves with smart people and this new concept combines the true independent spirit with some of the most experienced professionals in our industry to provide affordable and effective policies, programs and procedures. Taking advantage of these combined resources is smart and forward thinking.’

Bob Copper, President Self Storage 101


 “Marc is not just a “franchisor”; he is a long time developer/owner/operator in this very fragmented industry. Experience counts in not only getting started in the right direction, but in maintaining the operating systems necessary to stay competitive in this “bigger is better” world. Our industry is long overdue for a national franchisor to compete against the public REIT’s”….

Nick Malagisi, National Chair-Self Storage- Sperry Van Ness International.


Marc and I have worked together for several years helping clients get into the self-storage business. Marc’s experience, has no doubt, helped give new entries into the industry a head start in doing things the right way without the normal learning curve or having to re-invent the wheel. I look forward to assisting Storage Authority franchisees with their financing needs.

Terry Campbell, Live Oak Bank 


Storage Authority Makes it easy for your clients to find you and decide 

Clients as easy as 1- 2- 3

Contact us now for full details about our extraordinary opportunity:

(Marc Goodin, President Storage Authority – direct phone 860-830-6764)

or visit

Storage Authority, LLC 101 NE Third Avenue, Ste 1500 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301








How Much Cash Do I Need To Get Started? How Much Land?

You typically need between $200K to $400K.  More or less depending on your experience, time committed to the project and location.  Here are some general ideas to get you thinking.

Finding the right land parcel is the first challenge.

Concept Budget 1: – No land Chosen  – 50,000 square foot facility

Typical Land Requirements

Typical Single Story: 4 usable acres, up to 5 acres for strict zoning requirements and/or storm water detentions is required

Multi Story: 2+ acres.

Typical Construction Cost:  – single story $40 per sf, multi story $70 per sf.

When people project lower cost per square feet they are often assuming everything is perfect which is rarely the case and or do not include all soft costs.

Unusual construction requirements such as ledge, significant cuts or fills, retaining walls, unusual zoning requirements, off site improvements, local pricing etc are not included and can significantly increase construction cost.

Item                                        Single Story             Multi Story

Land                                      $400,000 + –             $700,000 Plus


$40/sf x 50,000 sf =          $2,000,000

$70sf x 50,000 sf =                                                 $3,500,000

Unusual land etc.                $0 ?                            $0 ?

Franchise fee                       $20,000                     $20,000

Design                                   $30,000                     $50,000

Banking/Prof.  fees            $30,000                      $40,000


Total                                       $2,480,000               $4,310,000

Phase 1 -50%                        $1,480,000               No phasing

30% Bank Loan

equity requirements           $444,000                   $1,077500

15% loan equity                   $222,000                   $646,500


Challenge #2 is making sure you have a smart design!

Preliminary Profit & Loss:  50,000 sf single story facility when rented

Income – Assume 85% rented with average rental rates at $1/sf

50,000 sf x .85 x $1/sf = $42,500 monthly income

 Expenses – Assume $0.35/ sf  = $17,500/ month

 Gross profit: 25,000/month = $300,000 year

Industry income & expense can and do vary upon many factors including, competition, local property taxes, location and owners experience.  Typical rent up periods for the industry are between 18 months and 3 years.

As you can see multi story facility cost more and can’t be phased, so they require significantly more capitol and initial equity. This is why seasoned self storages developers typically build them.  Many multi story self storages will even have a higher price tag because they are often larger to off set the land cost per unit, to get better returns.

The hardest part is proper operations, sale and marketing. This is where 90% fail.

A word of caution, never accept a parcel of land simple because you own it or the price is low, it must have significant drive by traffic and the area must have an unmet demand for self storage. With the help of a good commercial broker like Sperry Van Ness (Tell them Marc from Storage Authority sent you) you can quickly determine the land cost in various areas to help you update the above budget and determine your options moving forward.

Often there are several ways to reduce the required 30% down payment.  Franchising, which gives you experience and credibility can reduce the required equity requirements.  If you need to reduce the equity requirements further a SBA loan from a preferred SBA lender who understands franchising typically require the least amount of equity sometimes as low as10%.

Now based upon your liquid assets you can start determine the best options for your needs and investigate land, design, regulatory and banking requirements in more detail.  At this point you are either ready to charge forward or realize you don’t have the capital required.  If you don’t have the capitol don’t give up.  Finding a more aggressive lender and or finding a partner with either the land equity or cash equity may be a great option.

Working with an experienced self storage development expert can also help reduce the construction cost and increases profits. You can look at building a smaller facility but they tend to be significantly less profitable and more of a hobby than a business.

Storage Authority Franchising can not only guide you through the planning, design and Construction phase but will give the operational systems and platforms required for success with todays sophisticated competition around the corner.

Your just one call away from Success! 860-830-6764 Marc

If you have any questions please feel to call or email me.

To Your Success!

Marc Goodin

President, Storage Authority

Direct: 860-830-6764

Disclaimer:  This is for preliminary education and over view purposes only and should not be used for investment purposes. It is not a Storage Authority Franchise offer. Storage Authority offering is by the Storage Authority Franchise Disclosure Documents only.  Once a property is located a detailed feasibility study, site investigation, site designs, construction costs and regulatory investigation are required in order to determine the cost and feasibility of a project.


Why & How To Get Started In Self Storage Today.


The Top 7 – Why Self Storage Now?

1. There Has Never Been A Better Time To Get Started.

2. Extremely  Profitable – 30% Plus Returns Vs. 0-10% Returns For Other Real Estate Development Like Apartments Or Hotels.  Self Storage Not Only Provides Present Day Income But It Also Provides Retirement Income.

3. Abundance of Financing Options With Equity Requirements As Low As 10%.

4. Significant New Construction Is Required To Meet Pent Up and Surging Demand.

5. Owner Life Style – Replace Your Income With A Manger Driven Self Storage Business With Automation: Franchising; Kiosks; Web Based Automation.

6.  No Painting, No Backed Up Toilets, No Midnight Calls And Just A Couple Of Employees.

7. Storage Authority Franchising Is Ready To Provide You The How To Knowledge And Help You Need Get Off To A Fast Start.  And Provide You The Systems And Experience That Will Make A Difference.


Why New Construction Vs Buying Existing Facilities.

1. Be Closer To Home.  There Are Very Limited Quality Facilities Presently For Sale.  As A Facility Owner I Get Unsolicited Request At Least Twice a Month If I want To Sell From Buyers Who Have The Cash To Buy Now.

2. Better Locations.   “Build It and They Will Come” is a thing of the past.  NOW “Build It in The Right Location And Market it and They Will Come”.

3. Many Existing Facilities Over Priced Due To Bidding Wars And REITs Paying New Record Prices Every Month.

3. Buy 3 Million – Build $2 Million  = More Equity And More Profits

4. New Facilities Can Be Developed For 1/3 The Equity Requirements Of Buying.

5. You Reap The Rewards Of Your Efforts Vs. Paying  A Premium For Others Efforts.


Question: What Does It Take To Get Started in Self Storage? 

 Answer:   Or

Three out of the following Four of the following items.

1 Time

2. Experience

3. Money

4. Web Based Platform For Branding, Rental And Operational Systems.

With Storage Authority on your side you will have the Experience and Web Based Platform.  And we will help reduce both the time and money you will need to be successful.

Check Out To Learn How You Can Get Started Today.

Or Contact Storage Authority Co Founder Marc Goodin directly at or 860-830-6764.

Note:  This is not a solicitation for Storage Authority Franchise.  Offerings can only be thought the Storage Authority Federal Disclosure Documents available via the Storage Authority Franchise web site.


The State Of Self Storage June 2015 – new & old

The State of Self Storage June 2015 – New & Old
Its been an incredible spring.  The basics are the same but the are always new ideas, strategies, technologies and marketing that must be considered.

Marc Goodin at the ISS Spring Conference

The Spring ISS conference was a huge success for everyone who attended.  Here is one Q/A on customer service presentation I gave:
If you would like me to email you the slides from my ISS presentation on “Common Self Storage Construction Mistakes you do not want to make.” just send me an email at

Self Storage Construction is on the rise!

Also please feel free to email me if you have any construction questions.  And if you are looking for prequalified vendors to help with your construction project send me an email and I will tell you who we use.  You won’t won’t to miss my article this summer in ISS magazine on developing a construction budget!
We just soft launched Storage Authority Franchising last month.  Here is a link to an article by Sparefoot about our and your future.    If you are looking for the most profitable way to get started in self storage or are looking for the extra rocket propellant to make huge profits for your existing facility, check out our web site and send me an email and let me know when we can talk. Become one of our Founders Club members in the next 90 days for extraordinary additional benefits!
Technology is expanding everyday.  Here is a “hot self storage market map” based upon tons of data from a new beta site by Paul Dacus.

Self Storage Hot Spots!

It won’t be long before you can give your address and in no time you will have a mini table top feasibility study. He is already predicting:
LA is the best major Area for self storage, at 4.72 of relatable sf/per person, it is less than the average of the top markets at 6.5sf/person.  And Dallas is the worst place for self storage being over built at 7.88 sf rentable space/person.
Until Illustorage is available send me an email and I can give you a couple of very inexpensive ideas to get your initial table top feasibility review done.
I keep hearing managers say the best way to rent is in person and in fact that is how they rent most of their units.  Please Please check with your managers to see if this is the case.  This is what the renters want:
Learn how to rent on the phone & on line!  It is critical for your future success to perfect both of these rental options.
Here is a chart from one of the speakers at the ISS conference.

We hope our managers are doing better - but are they??

Here are three simple marketing ideas from my book Crush The Competition  that will make you money day after day.  But you have to require your managers do them without exception.
1) Week 57 – Five Questions To Ask Every Potential Renter To Rent More Spaces.  A simple chapter I guarantee will make your thousands of dollars a year.  Most managers know these questions but based upon experience most only ask a couple of these critical questions.
2) Week 59 – Visitors to Renters – Take Them for a walk to educate, Make A Friend, Establish Rapport and overcome objections. A chapter on that teaches a manger how to rent a unit.

3) Week 101- Ask for the Sale….Again! A chapter full of ideas on how to close more sales.
It is sad to realize that so much time and money is spent to get potential customers in the door and in front of our managers and yet, so many do not rent for one simple reason: the manager did not ask them if they wanted to rent.
If is is so simple why are most facilities and your mangers not following good sales & marketing practices?  Simple, no one is training them and ever if they are half trained no one is requiring them to follow the basic rental steps. This is why there is an army of clerks or order takes running our facilities vs. managers and sales experts.  This is where Storage Authority makes a huge difference, we teach, we train and we provide written how too manuals.  Not only do we require its done right but we confirm its done right.  We make being an owner & manager more fun and profitable.
So why is this section called banking?  Because bankers know the value of franchising is the franchise provides expertise and systems that help insure the problems noted above will not happen and franchises will reach profitability much faster and at a higher level. (of course they also love the branding aspect of franchising) That is why it is so much easier to get a loan for a restaurant franchise or hotel franchise than Joe’s Motel.
Storage Authority is presently working with banks that understand both the value of franchising and the SBA program to reduce our frachisees loan costs, restrictions, down payments etc to get a loan. In case you did not hear Storage Authority franchising is now an approved by the SBA, a huge win for our franchisees.
ps As always have a question – send me an email and I will be happy to reply.
Marc Goodin 

Storage Authority
101 NE Third Ave. Suite 1500
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301
Direct: 860-830-6764   We’re BIG on Your Success!  If you love to read the latest in self storage.



Its Official! Storage Authority Franchise Press Release!

Storage Authority Press Release April 2nd, 2015


 Marc Goodin, Storage Authority Co founder and President designed his first self-storage over 25 years ago as a young civil engineer, today he owns several successful self-storages, is a sought after consultant and a best selling author, writing several books based on the needs in the self-storage industry. Last year Marc and his partner founded Storage Authority, a national self-storage franchise. Storage Authority represents a career of development, management and consulting in the self-storage industry.

Marc’s partner and co-founder Scott House is a franchise development and marketing expert, with over 20 years experience, Scott specialized hotel franchising for most of his career and has held several executive positions in the field including President of nationally known hotel brand.

Storage Authority was developed especially for the unique needs of the self-storage industry, our exclusive manager driven system is called “Dynamic Ease”, and it will revolutionize the industry! Simply said, it empowers everyone from the owner to the employee with proprietary easy to learn systems that will not only insure competiveness in your market but your dominance.

Marc has developed these proprietary training systems over his vast career through his development and management of his own facilities and as important though his consulting business where he has learned working with hundreds of facility owners what works and what doesn’t. You will for the first time have access to the systems and practices that up to now only the large REITs’ enjoy.

Every Storage Authority Franchisee will receive our proprietary operations manual, pre-opening and on-going training, placed on our national reservation system, receive placement on our national website, and be provided at no charge an individual website,SEO, Storage Pro management software, Industry first customer loyalty program along with a 4 point customer satisfaction guarantee, national and local marketing and much more…

The fact you are already in the self-storage industry or just joining, shows you understand what a great investment opportunity exist. The time has come for one of the most powerful business concepts, franchising, to pair up with one of the most successful businesses in the U.S. self-storage, we believe this is the future of the industry. This was proven many years ago in the hotel and restaurant industries, whereby small independents discovered by joining a franchise they could cut cost, improve operating systems, receive more reservations, more walk in’s through brand recognition and brand consistency. Now in 2015, the majority of successful hotels and restaurants in the U.S. are franchised and we believe the self-storage industry is on the same path.

Did you know a new franchise opens every 8 minutes every business day, generating 2.3 trillion dollars a year in the US? Did you know that there are nearly 1 million franchises in the U.S.? Or that 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a Franchise operation? The Storage Authority Franchise system will provide business ownership offering benefits and the competitive edge not available by starting your own venture.

We understand that you developed your self-storage business with your hard earned money and sweat equity because we did the same. We understand and fully appreciate that you enjoy owning and controlling your facility. We also understand that you may not have the technology, knowledge, sales and the marketing programs needed to bring your business to its full potential. Owning a Storage Authority franchise will provide you with unique and proven concepts that will empower you and your business with the essential resources it needs.

Marc is not just a “franchisor”; he is a long time developer/owner/operator in this very fragmented industry. Experience counts in not only getting started in the right direction, but in maintaining the operating systems necessary to stay competitive in this “bigger is better” world. Our industry is long overdue for a national franchisor to compete against the public REIT’s”….

Nick Malagisi, National Chair-Self Storage- Sperry Van Ness International.

‘Self storage franchising combines the best of what can make self storage such a fantastic business: the independence that the successful entrepreneur loves and the proven systems and resources used by the ‘big guys’ that improve revenues, profits and values. The smartest people in our business surround themselves with smart people and this new concept combines the true independent spirit with some of the most experienced professionals in our industry to provide affordable and effective policies, programs and procedures. Taking advantage of these combined resources is smart and forward thinking.’

Bob Copper, President Self Storage 101

“I am so pleased to be preparing the state specific form rental agreements for all the franchisees of Storage Authority.  Once the franchisee has their rental agreement, Storage Authority allows us to work with the franchisees to make the rental agreement and other forms specific to their operations.  That kind of support and flexibility is unprecedented in the franchise industry.”

Jeffrey Greenberger, esq., Partner at Katz Greenberger & Norton, LLP, Cincinnati, OH

“Trachte has long a standing relationship with Marc Goodin and looks forward to providing Storage Authority franchises top quality buildings. Storage Authority offers a one of a kind opportunity for developers.”

Steve Hajewski, Trachte Building Systems

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Marc over the years.  Syrasoft is very excited to be providing Storage Authority’s cutting edge management program Storage Pro.  Storage Authority Franchising is going to help a lot of people get started in self storage and many existing facilities get to the next level.”

Tom Garden, President Syrasoft

To learn more about Storage Authority please visit their web site


Storage Authority Contact Info:

Storage Authority, LLC

101 NE Third Ave. Suite 1500

Fort Lauderdale FL 33301


The Self Storage Profit: Products – Process-People- Part 2

The Self Storage Profit: Product-Process – People



I love watching The Profit on TV.  He is always about making things better for both the owner and clients – checks and balances.  Too often we are just like the failing businesses on the show – doing the same old thing and expecting different results.  Sometimes change requires change. In the end it takes good people that understand it can and must always be done better and more efficient.

Last month I shared Products – Process & People Part 1.  If you missed it you can read it here:

As part of our on going launch of Storage Authority Franchising we have written over 290 pages about the Self Storage Profit: Product – Process & People.  Here are a couple more to add from last months list to help you and your self storage have a terrific 2015!


The Self Storage Profit: Products- Process- People

We always on the look for great strategic partnerships with the best of the best experts and vendors in the self storage industry.  I want to share a couple more of them with you and how they can help you.


If you want to:

Increase Your Monthly Profits.

Protect Your Investment.

 Add Value For Your Customers 

Contact Our High Performance Team Today!


The Premier Self Storage Building Manufacturer. 

I have used these guys many times and can tell you they are much more than just suppliers of great Self Storage buildings.  I remember 10 plus years ago when I was getting ready to order a building, how the Trachte Rep met one on one with me and taught me several things.  Not only did he give me options but just as importance the pros and cons of each so I could decide what I needed.  In the end several of his suggestions made a huge difference.  He helped us plan and design the office with a split block face not only to help us get Town approvals but also to have a great looking upscale facility.  We saved money by implementing his idea of stepping the building to match the topography.  We also increased the building height one foot to provide both a superior look to the facility but also to rent our 10 x 20’s for car storage.  We paid these small extras off a long time ago and continue to rent more units and make more profits because of them.

Their web site has all kinds of voluble information from pricing to profits. Check it out.   I suggest you give Trachte a call as soon as you have an interest in a piece of land.  Let them know Marc From Storage Authority recommended them.

Self Storage Access Control and Security Solutions.

First question.  Do you know what you are selling at your self storage?  We do not sell material items (except locks of course as note above).  We sell value to customers.  We provide a service: A safe place to keep their stuff. Did you notice the two key words value & safe?   Don’t go second rate on the most important thing to your customers.  PTI has what you need.  Don’t forget this is a new era of apps.  I love the PTI app that allows the customers to open the gate with their cell phone from the comfort of car.  Always think how can you stand out from your competition.  Often it is a little thing like a cool app and great service.

One of the biggest construction mistakes I see is owners leaving the specific products up to the contractors and then they often end up with the inferior cheap products that have to be replaced down the line.  Don’t let this happen to you call PTI Security Systems early in the design process so you can tap into their knowledge and experience.


Personalized Promotional items To Grow Your Business.

People often ask me what is the best marketing.  They are looking for the marketing secret. Sorry to tell you that it does not exist.  I have said it before and I will say it again. The best marketing is marketing!  Familiarity makes sales.  Often a potential customer will have to hear or see your name 10 or more times before your name automatically pops in their head when they need your services.  One of the best ways to get your name in front of prospects is with logo products.

Every year I hand out over 3000 plus logo products from each of my facilities for huge returns:

Magnetic fridge calendars:  wow – they (and their friends) see our facility name everyday.

Ice Scrapers:  They see our name every winter storm.

Sunflower seeds: they think of us when they get them – again when they share with their spouse, again when they plant and every time a friend comes over and admires their sunflowers all summer long.

Rulers – pens – key chains – clips – and so much more!

You get the idea – the possibilities are endless.  The best way to make them work is to hand them out all over town, not sitting in the office.  Logo products are great conversation ice breakers and will lead to conversations about you and your business.

Remember people like to do business with friends and every time you hand out a logo product you will be making a friend.  After you hand them out a couple of times you will realize people are waiting for your next visit and surprise.

Place an order today and every quarter for a record breaking 2015!


Magen Smith, CPA, Monthly Book Keeping, Budgets & Marketing Tracking. 

What is one of the main reasons we all go into this business?  Right Lifestyle and freedom.  And that takes profits!  Not only can Megan keep you books in order every month but also she can do so much more.  She is an ex self storage manager turned CPA. So she gets it.

Magen can pay your bills.  And she makes it simple – you approve in her/your bill portal and they are paid.

Magen can help you track your operational assessments to make sure you spend your dollars wisely.  You need to know where your marketing dollars are going and if they are paying off.

She will help you set both budgets and goals.  You don’t get that with any other CPA I know of.  Call her now to get ready for 2015 and get the time back you deserve. Tell her Storage Authority sent you.

Continue building your High Performance Team today and give my friends a call today for a free consultation.  If I can help in any way let me know.

Lastly I would like to leave you with 5 simple tips guaranteed to get you more sales in 2015.

1) Secret shop your facility.  Have a friend rent a unit. Email me if you want my free Secret shopper review list.

2) Give a copy of your secret shoppers review list to your manager.  Now they will know the minimum requirements and actually do more.

3) Make it a requirement that your manager shakes hands with each prospect and give them their name.  This will get them standing out of their seat and set the stage for a successful sales presentation.

4) Make it a requirement that every prospect is asked one way or another if they want to rent or make a reservation today – no matter what they may have said.

5) Ask your manager to make 4 list for 2015:

Marketing month by month for 2015

Site & landscaping improvements for 2015

Office improvements for 2015

Income/unit rented month by month for 2015

To Your Success!

Self Storage Sales Manual Update: The biggest stumbling block to super profits is poor sales techniques.  The Techniques have been proven and the book is in progress with a July 2015 completion date.

Marc Goodin


ps If you want to be part the ultimate Self Storage Team and the Storage Authority System check out