Criagslist for staffing

We needed to hire a new office manger.  Of course were not looking forward to the whole process but in the end we ended up with a great new manager.

What surprised me was how one single add on craigslist provided us with over 50 qualified applicants in 4 days.  The add was simple:

Office Manger for XYZ Self Storage.  Must love clients, computers and marketing. Email resume to xxxx.

Within 1 hour the resumes started coming in.  We choose about a dozen and a half of the best ones and emailed them our one page jobs description (available for purchase here on this web site) and asked them when they would be available and their salary requirements.

The job description is critical.   A self storage manager has to do it all from renting to cleaning to marketing.  It can be difficult if you add to an employees duties after the fact.

Next we talked to the ones who answered their phone and did a impromptu phone interview.  We interviewed for a couple of days and hired a great manager.  It was much faster and easier than we thought.

As we all know our office manager is key to a very successful self storage facility.

To Success!


ps – don’t forget to use craigslist to find a renter for that empty unit in building 2!







Are you getting results for your facebook efforts?  Are your facebook likes increasing every month.  While there are several keys to a successful Facebook one often over looked are Facebook only specials.  One of the top reasons people vistit company social web sites are for special and self storage is not an exception. Be consistent and post a Facebook only special every week.

Facebook only specials for bigger profits and more likes.

One of the most effecient ways is to write a basic Facebook special where you can insert the specific special.  For example:





Just mentiopn this post to receive.

Valid today only and not valid with other offers.

You can type up a dozen or so and then cut and post every friday.  Its fast, easy and works.  The options are endless and you don’t have to give the store away.  Here are a couple of simple ones:





Pay your rent today and receive a $5 Donkin

Donuts gift card

Just mentiopn this post to receive.


Rent any unit today and get a free lunch for two at………

Just mentiopn this post to receive.

Valid today only and not valid with other offers.

Valid today only and not valid with other offers.


Rent any unit today just $50 for the first month.

Just mentiopn this post to receive.

Valid today only and not valid with other offers.

Be creative and have some fun! Always post a picture with your post – maybe a TGIF picture or a picture of fridays prize.

To Success!



Social Marketing – Pinterest

We just started our first Self Storage Pinterest site.  It is already 16 boards and 441 pictures.

Soon I will outline the details of a building a good Pinterest site.

But If you take a look at ours here you will get the basics:

It is part french & part english for our site here in Caraquet, NB Canada.

You will get a good idea of what you need to do.  Part Self Storage, part story, part informational, part inspirational, part pictures, part words, part local and for part fun.

One thing about most social media such as facebook and Pinterest is it is important to do a good job and be consistent or not do it at all.  Poor or outdated sites are a waste of your time and can hurt your business.

The number one thing thing by far clients want is customer service.  But they also want to reach you via more channels.

Happy Pinning!


CLE Pinterest



Progress: Time to join in or get left behind.


I took a few pictures over the last two days as I traveled from the US to Canada.  It is clear the internet revelation will be on going for some time to come. At breakfast I notice a QR code on the ketchup bottle.  Upon a closer look I found out Hinze wanted us to like their Facebook page.  I hope you have your Self storage QR codes in action and a Facebook Page. (renting units)

Really a QR code on the ketchup?

Of course We had to stop at DD.  This sign says down load the DD app and cash up your DD app and pay for your coffee with your phone.  Much easier than a credit card and for sure way more cool – at least for a little while.

Purchase donuts & coffee with your phone!

It not hard to understand times are changing.  Marketing has changed.

Join us in the fun and rent more units!


To Success!


Facebook – 2 , make it remarkable!

In part one I shared some cool facts on why Facebook for on line social marketing. If you did not read part one check it out.  But it is important to realize Facebook marketing is no different than any other marketing.  Specifically I mean if it is not remarkable you are wasting your time and money.  It is simply another  30% discount add no one pays attention to.

Quick side note.  I am working with a few self storage owners and managers on how to make your self storage Remarkable in 2013. If your not going to be remarkable your marketing will not pay dividends.  If you want to be included send me an email at  Just room for 5 more people.  Now back to a remarkable facebook page.

Check out my facebook page.  Do you notice the Pinterest icon.  How cool is that, that people can go from your facebook page directly to your Pinterest site.

Notice the Pinterest icon on my facebook page

Check out how we have made it easy for all the people on Facebook, (for hours a day), to rent directly from our Facebook page.  First we uploaded a QR code for the cool dudes so they can scan and go directly to our  24 hour on line rental center.  Next we went to the facebook setting and made our facebook site an on line company.  This allowed us to put a web link in our description – that link brings them to our on line 24 hr rental site.

Did you notice the big Shop Icon with the rent now below it.  Just down load the facebook app at and you can add a SHOP icon to your facebook site.

If you do not have the ability to rent units from your web page (or don’t even have a web site yet) partner with and start renting on line now!

Rent now!

Now with one click from your facebook page your potential clients can view pictures of your units, learn what the size compares to and what fits in the unit.  And they can even rent when from the comfort of their homes.  Wow.  Being Remarkable means be innovative and catering to the early adaptors.  They will tell the rest of the world about you!

Now everyone can visualize all your unit on facebook


large pictures - description and Rent Now option

As always, any questions let me know.

Until next time Be Remarkable For Oversized Profits!

To Success!








Show case your units & RENT Units From Facebook!! A New Profit Center! Part 1

I have been studying and learning more everyday about social internet marketing and our self storage clients.  If you read my recent entry on LinkedIN group “Self Storage Marketing In Action” – Facebook the internet giant  you will understand how big an opportunity facebook is for self storage.  Don’t forget to Join the linkedin group “Self Storage Marketing In Action”  for great self storage marketing ideas!  Of course your invited to connect to me on Linkedin as well.

And the great thing is how incredible simple it is to take advantage of this opportunity now.  First I have to tell you I am not a computer or technology expert.  Like you I am an expert in Self Storage. I am happy to leave the tech stuff up to others and spend my time where it is most valuable – helping the customer.

The idea just dawned on me earlier this week as I was updating my self storage web sites to provide one more customer friendly feature by actually taking rentals on line ( vs reservations).  It dawned on me more people spend time on our facebook page than on our web site – why not rent units on facebook.

Have you seen facebook sites that have the SHOP button.  Its a relativley easy plug in.  If not you can see it on my self storage marketing facebook page 

So its easy.  We plug in the facebook SHOP page.  Then we upload a photo of each unit size & a RENT NOW button. And wala people can sign a contract on line, pay the first months rent in the comfort of their homes!  Like I said I don’t personally have the tech background or hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design the faceboook app shop page or the 24hr rent on line capacity so I use existing apps.

For the Facebook Shop page I will use :  – see facebook app at bottom of the page.

For the 24hr on line renting I will use   And the great thing about these guys is they give you a Rent now button and a rent now QR code and make you a free rent now web site.  And these guys are leaders helping self storages rent units on line 24 hours a day.   I am sure they will join us on this facebook profit center and will spend the time & money to make it better as we move forward!

This is an incredible real new profit center for us all!  People spend several hours a day on facebook. Five out of 6 minutes spent on social web sites are spent on facebook.  Now we have a simple way to provide one more client service that will turn into extra rents.  It will work because it is easy simple and convenient for potential renters. Many will go to rent now others may click RENT NOW to see unit sizes ( and boxes for sale as well).  People just like to surf the internet.  When they are ready they will feel more comfortable and attached to your self storage.  People need to see your message 10 – 20 times before they start connection with your facilty.  Facebook is a fast and free way to do this.

I am away from my 3 self storage months at a time.  When I visit them I take a hand full of marketing materials and visit throughout the town for an afternoon.  Every single time I run into two or more people who need to rent, ask me about sizes and prices but just have not had the time to make it down to our facility.  Obviously it is not an emergency but a need just the same that often goes unfulfilled.  I give them our card and try to coax them down to the facility soon. Now imagine If I remind them and everyone I visit that they can see our individual units on our self storage facebook page and actually rent from their home from facebook.  That night when they are surfing facebook you can bet they are going to check our site – many will like our site – a good thing and some will rent now and some will rent later.

If you know me or have followed my marketing post or read my book Crush Your Competition you know I like to set up various marketing ideas with a goal to make and EXTRA $24,000 in 12 months.  Well this is a no brainer by the end of the year for just one idea and one facility. And I am not even going to start with my newest facility which has over 300 facebook likes since it opened last year but with mansfield self storage in CT with just 90 likes yesterday.  Of course we will be getting those likes up using several concepts we just perfected at our new facility.

I don’t have any marketing mangers or people – its just me and our great store managers who do everything.  But we take a little action everyday and it makes a big difference in the end.  So what should you do now?

1)  If you do not have a company facebook page get one now – claim your name before some one else does.  I will do future posts on how to get likes and you can also watch our likes climb on our facebook site.

2)  go to and get signed up for their service.

3) add the SHOP button to your page.

4) Take pictures for each different units sizes.

I will update you with our progress, the next steps and would love to hear about yours.

I could have waited to post this when I have it all perfected but I wanted to share it now.  Maybe most will jump on board in a year when everyone is talking about it – of course – we will be miles ahead.  Some will wait a couple of weeks to check out my site.  But some will join in now!

Any questions let me know at

To Success!










# 2 Single Most Important Self Storage Marketing That Is A Must!

The first thing we want to do in Self Storage marketing is to make sure our potential clients notice us in a positive way and remember us.  And of course when they make the rental decision who to choose, their minds are all ready made up to choose us or that at least our facility will be visited in the rental decision process. Do you know or have you guessed what are the number 1 and 2 most important self storage marketing things to get people to your front door?


# 1  The drive by experience!  If people say wow what a great looking self storage facility and remember your facility name you are on the right tract.  Oh and by the way the wow factor is based upon so much more than just the building appearance – but thats for another time.


#2 – The internet – More specifically the number one way people will find you – on your web site  – More specifically your web sites HOME PAGE!

I know a bunch of you are about ready to stop reading – because you are thinking you have a web site but read on, there is more to the story and a free offer for you.  Overall web sites taken as a whole are good but most home pages (and thats what counts) do not meet the grade.  A majority of people go to the web to review self storages on line before they actually decide which site(s) to rent from or visit.

In about 3-7 seconds on your home page a prospective renter has decided weather to include your facility in their decision procees or not, long before they visit a second web page.  How does your home page compare to your competitions?  Have a friend check out you home page and 3 of your competitor.  Ask them to go to each one for ten seconds only.  Then asked which one they liked the best.  Ask which one was most professional. Ask which home page provided the most information.  Ask which site they would choose based  on the home page only.  You may be surprised and need to upgrade your home page.

  • People read from top to bottom – so put the most important things at the top – top banner & pictures.
  • A top banner for style that clearly includes your company name. Include your logo and a short 3 word description like “We make storage simple.”

Pictures tell a thousands words!

  • Pictures are next – people believe pictures and only half of what they read if the read at all.  In fact you should use pictures in several places on your home page.
  • People read the right and left sides of a page and save the words in the middle for last – so you can have tabs/pictures maybe boxed on one side or both that will catch the eye and give a message without even going to the linked page.
  • Every home page should have a simple one sentence statement that tells why you are different. Maybe something like:
                               Mansfield Self Storage is a state of the art storage facility committed to making your storage experience simple and easy.
  • Every home page should have a welcome message “signed” from the owner or manager

                             “Our aim is to delight you, our customer”,  Marc Goodin, Owner

  • Of course we know people go to our web site to get our phone number but they also go to get our office hours – make it easy for customers – put your office hours on the home page.  don’t forget to add your gate hours – we don’t want renters thinking they only have access to their stuff during office hours.
  • Your goal of the home page is for clients to take action and contact you.  A good home page will get the potential client to rent on line now or visit your site.  But if they do not need storage for a couple of weeks or longer it is still very valuable to have these future clients take action.  The easiest way is to have a statement ” Call or email us for our Pamphlet  – 7 Things everyone needs to know before renting self storage.
  • If you have at least 5 features and benefits on your home page you are on the right tract.  Don’t forget a picture can often provided features better than the written word.
  • If your site is hard to find or if you want to show how close you are to certain point like a university, a map is a good idea.
  • On the home page it should stand out clear people can make payments on line and you accept credit cards – I like to have the MC & visa symbols on my home page – again pictures can be read faster and are believed.

Its hard to change first impressions - make your count!


Above are a couple of my storage web sites.  Not bad but they are a little out dated and ready for some new improvements.  The first improvement in the works for next week is to remove the outdated make a reservation link and replace it with a Rent Now button.  It will bring them to our own rental web site where they can actually see the units available, including sizes and descriptions.  They will be able to sign a lease agreement, make a payment and rent a specific unit.  And the best part my web rental site  is being done for free by they guys at (and they will do the same for you)  If you are not renting before hours and after hours and 24 hours a day on the web you are missing clients!  The guys are the best at 24hr rentals and ready to help you. You need to check them out.  I am happy I did.

I know we are all lazy but my goal is to help you rent more you units – So I have a deal to help motivate you!

Option 1- Compare your home page to your competitions home page and tell me one change you are going to make ( you don’t even have to make it today) and I will send you a code to buy my book at 1/2 price – Crush Your Competition ebook  Offer good till April 5, 2013.

Option 2- Check out web site and become a partner and tell them Marc sent you and I will mail you a signed copy of my paperback  book Crush Your Competition ($24.95 on my site or Amazon). Again the offer is good till April 5.  If your the type that likes to mull things around just send them an email that your checking them out before April 5, 2013 and I  will send the book when you sign up.  I will also give you 1 hour free self storage consultations on the phone – email – or at the coffee shop (where ever I might be – haha) to help you rent more units and more importanly make more profits.  I know you will thank me – and maybe even help with ideas for my next self storage book.

To Making More Profits









The social marketing appears to be endless. is one of the fastest growing sites.  So after your facebook page is up in running this may be a good place to tell your self storage story in photos.  Follow our pinterest site for self storage construction and marketing via pictures and examples.