How we just hired an outstanding new self storage manager.

It is so important to hire the best manager possible.   It takes time but one way to get off to a great start is to send prospective applicants a Job description and a employee manual like the ones I have for sale on my web site.  I hired a new manager last week and I added the job over view below to the specific list of duties.   It helped.  A couple of people even called and cancelled the interview saving me time.  When we interviewed we asked each applicant if they could summarize the position based upon the information we sent and their research and what would be required to be a terrific manager and what made them qualified.

Many people disqualified themselves immediately.  They either did not read the information we sent or simple could not communicate to the level required to be a terrific manager. When we came to the right person for the position it was clear she really understood the position, she had the qualifications, she had the enthusiasm required and was excited about the position.  Whatever you do don’t settle for a good enough in a manager.  It will keep your facility from reaching its full potential and cost you lost profits without a doubt.

Mansfield Self Storage Employee Job Description

March 2014


Over View

Walk fast, smile and make new friends.

The number one responsibility of the Manager is to learn and become an expert at the rental sales process and customer service including:

Meeting, greeting and shaking hands with the client at the front door;

Listening to the client:  80% listening, 20% talking;

Projecting trust and building rapport with clients;

Walking each and every client to view the site and unit sizes;

Share and ask questions to determine the client’s real needs and wants so you can provide a solution.

Offer boxes locks, and insurance to every customer and let them know we are here to help with all their storage, moving and packing needs.

Promote, market and sell our facility to the community at large, including regular visits to local businesses and involvement in our community to insure they think of us when they or their friends need self storage. Know Mansfield Self Storage Inside and out.

Insure our customer’s first impression of us is exceptional by keeping our office, site and gardens in tip top shape.  Of course providing exceptional customer service with a smile goes without saying.

Continuously learn about the self storage industry, customer service, marketing, sales and our clients in order to better serve our clients.

The Mansfield Self Storage manager must be self motivated because essentially you are your own boss.  You have to determine the priority of you daily activities.  Your energy and ability to continuously improve yourself and Mansfield Self Storage is critical.  If you are not proud of yourself and Mansfield Self Storage clients will not believe in us.

Your success and our success depends on your ability to:

Smile, be energetic and relate with clients and build trust;

Understand, learn and implement self storage sales and marketing daily;

Understand if your not making mistakes and learning you are not doing your job; Understand you are in charge and need to take the initiative to: be proactive, to solve problems, develop efficient systems and market Mansfield Self Storage.


In addition to the above we gave prospective applicants the specific job description and company manual.


There is nothing more exciting than a manager who takes charge!







Criagslist for staffing

We needed to hire a new office manger.  Of course were not looking forward to the whole process but in the end we ended up with a great new manager.

What surprised me was how one single add on craigslist provided us with over 50 qualified applicants in 4 days.  The add was simple:

Office Manger for XYZ Self Storage.  Must love clients, computers and marketing. Email resume to xxxx.

Within 1 hour the resumes started coming in.  We choose about a dozen and a half of the best ones and emailed them our one page jobs description (available for purchase here on this web site) and asked them when they would be available and their salary requirements.

The job description is critical.   A self storage manager has to do it all from renting to cleaning to marketing.  It can be difficult if you add to an employees duties after the fact.

Next we talked to the ones who answered their phone and did a impromptu phone interview.  We interviewed for a couple of days and hired a great manager.  It was much faster and easier than we thought.

As we all know our office manager is key to a very successful self storage facility.

To Success!


ps – don’t forget to use craigslist to find a renter for that empty unit in building 2!