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Crush Your Competition by marc Goodin

52 Weeks of Self Storage Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Profits Year After Year!

Marc is an excellent motivational writer. I admire his ability to put practical information in plain English, I especially appreciate that he practices what he preaches. Read his books, you will get ideas and practices that fit with your everyday business.

Kathy Ables

I find that Marc’s insights on marketing are very useful and effective. I would recommend Marc and his materials for anyone trying to gather new ideas for marketing their facilities and increasing their bottom line.

Rick Barre

Crush Your Competition is the  must read self storage book on marketing for every Self Storage Manager, Employee and Owner!  Finally a simple to use, common sense self storage marketing guide that will not only allow you to compete with Public Storage but beat them!


THE BOTTOM LINE?  You want to be successful.  You want to take control of your destiny.

Crush Your Competitionwill give you the ammunition you need for incredible profits - weather you’re an entrepreneur, professional, self storage owner, self storage manager or absolute new comer to the self storage business.  Marc Goodin will show you how to use simple marketing specifics, tactics and ideas with minimal cost and maximum profits.

This book has the tools for new start ups with more energy than money and is ideal for established businesses that need new fresh ideas. You’ll find:

· Complete step by step guidance in plain English on marketing a self storage business.

· Hundreds of great marketing ideas for much less than you would expect, many free.

· Personal insights and stories from the trenches to grow your business.

· How to take control of your marketing for easy money.

· An outline for you to make an extra $100,000 profits next year!

· Ways to keep your clients longer and get more referrals for free money. 

· Dozens of tips to improve your customer service and rent more units.

· How to supercharge you sales from drive by customers, to walk ins, to phone calls, to the internet, to retail sales, from your existing client base and more.

· Tactics for penetrating your market.

· Knowledge you need to start making more money day one.

· Secrets the big boys and REITs don’t want you to know.

· You can’t afford not to energize your marketing for substantial profits any longer.

· How to make your clients feel special and appreciated.

· How to increase your profits week after week with proven specifics in this book.

· You will no longer have to take a leap of faith. After reading this book you will be able to reap the rewards of your actions.   

Table of Contents                                              

Crush Your Competition Contents

Title Page

Copy Right Page


Authors Offer

About The Author

Preface: The world is a “Customer Service” Stage

Should You Take Control Of Your Destiny?


Getting Started - Weeks 1-35

Week 1 Make An Extra $25,000 to $100,000 A Year!

Week 2 Every Marketing Task Should Improve One Of Two Things

Week 3. Improve Your Drive By Impressions First

Week 4 Dress Up Your Office

Week 5 We Are Different Let Us Show You How

Week 6 Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Week 7 No One Really Cares About The Features Of Your Self Storage

Week 8 You – You – You --Not We……….

Week 9 Know Your Competitive Edge & Unique Selling Features

Week 10 Gorilla Marketing

Week 11 Web Site

Week 12 Web Site Specials

Week 13 Internet Coupons

Week 14 Web Site Reservations & Rentals

Week 15 Web Site Payments

Week 16 Web Site Links

Week 17 Google Places: Search engines have their own form of free company listings (you don’t even have to have a web site)

Week 19 Seven Things You Should Know Before Renting Self Storage Units

Week 20 Sell Disc Locks (Only) To Every Customer

Week 21 Facebook First (Rent units from your FB site!)

Week 22 Free Boxes

Week 23 Free Storage Unit For Existing Tenants

Week 24 Donations That Also Advertise For You

Week 25 Free Candy, Coffee, Soda, & Key Chains

Week 26 Spend Two Hours Every Week Visiting The Community

Week 27 Ice Scrappers & Sunflower Seeds

Week 28 Referral Cards

Week 29 Help Fire Victims

Week 30 Display Table At Your Bank

Week 31 Order Your Banner Today

Week 32 Joint Promotions- Joint Advertising

Week 33 Sandwich Board Advertising

Week 34 Congratulations

Week 35 Referrals From Your Neighborhood Businesses

Deepening Your Skills - Weeks 36-70

Week 36 52 Ideas For Maximum Success

Week 37 Real Estate Agents Are your Best Friends

Week 38 Window Painting

Week 39 Box Sign Out Back (and out front)

Week 40 Free Vacuuming

Week 41 Free Hot Dogs Soda & Chips

Week 42 Donate Your Time

Week 43 Monthly Marketing Calendar

Week 44 Value U Pack

Week 45 Marketing Your Manager

Week 46 Winter Car Storage Special

Week 47 YouTube For Profit

Week 48 Orange Traffic Cones

Week 49 Office Signs

Week 50 Security

Week 51 Seasonal Free Stuff and Seasonal Ornaments/Signage

Week 52 Box & Merchandise Marketing

Week 53 Weekly Manager Marketing Updates Via Email For Better Results

Week 54 Star Bucks Or Dunkin’ Donut Coffee Cards, Thank you Cards And Birthday Cards

Week 55 Repeat Customers

Week 56 Lists For Profit

Week 57 Five Questions To Ask Potential Clients To Rent More Units

Week 58 Converting Callers To Visitors –Questions to Ask/Things To Tell Them.

Week 59 Visitors To Renters – Take Them For A Walk To Educate, Make A Friend, Establish Rapport And Overcome Objections

Week 60 Clean Show Units And Site A Must

Week 61 High School Scholarship

Week 62 Visit Your Neighboring Self Storage Facilities

Week 63 Car Washes

Week 64 Sell Christmas Trees

Week 65 Just You

Week 66 Over Coming Objections

Week 67 Sell Non Storage Related Stuff, You Like, In Your Office

Week 68 Dress For Success

Week 69 Don’t Give Out The Price On The Phone

Week 70 A Call & Visitor Log A Must

Going For The Kill - Weeks 71-102

Week 71 Public Announcements

Week 72 Premium Units

Week 73 Prizes For Bigger Cash Flow & More Rentals

Week 74 Silent Auction

Week 75 Focus On The Community

Week 76 No Vacancy

Week 77 Connect With Potential Clients

Week 78 Make People Smile

Week 79 Do Not Wait For Customers To Come To You

Week 80 What Do People Love?

Week 81 Visit Your Renters On Site

Week 82 Focus Marketing

Week 83 Advertise To Your Number One Renter

Week 84 Major Event In Town

Week 85 Word Of Mouth

Week 86 Meet & Greet

Week 87 Talk To More Than One Person At A Time

Week 88 Provide After Hour Rental Phone Number On The Door

Week 89 Remind The Customer They Are Special Many Times

Week 90 You Need A Simple Marketing Plan

Week 91 Have A Marketing Tag Line

Week 92 Fast Is Not Fast Enough! Simple Is Not Simple Enough!

Week 93 Make Sure You Are Advertising For Your Self Storage Company And Not The Competition

Week 94 Wheel Of Fortune

Week 95 Be Creative

Week 96 Clients Do Not Rent Because They Want Storage

Week 97 Christmas & Holiday Marketing

Week 98 Learn From The Self Storage Community & Business World

Week 99 Make Free Money By Keeping Your Clients Longer

Week 100 This Book (And Cover) Is Not Perfect For A Reason

Week 101 Ask For The Sale Again

Week 102 Weaponize Your Marketing

100% Money Back Guaranteed

Crush Your Competition with 101 Self Storage Marketing Tips For The Fastest Way to Huge Profits is the one book you need to take control of your Self Storage Future. Read it. Believe it. Do it.  Your future depends on it.

If for any reason you do not get a  1000 time plus value over the purchase price I will gladly refund you money!

Just for buying  I will provide you one free self storage development phone conference and  you are also welcome to email me any time with your questions.

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Your Self Storage Planning-Site Selection - Design - Build

Over 150 proven ideas to save you time, money and make your self storage a success! by Marc Goodin

Part insperation, part facts, part wisdom and a lot of  design and development speciifics. Updated in 2019 to include 3 Bonus  chapters on Storage Authority Franchising.

"Marc’s writings reflects his deep, long-time understanding of the industry. As a seasoned owner/operator, he has experienced and practices what works and openly shares the missteps and problems he has witnessed around him. He sums up what it takes in his hands-on, tell-all guide to building a storage business and why and how his franchise concept is the ideal vehicle to storage success."

Markus Hecker, Chief Client Advocate, SiteLink Software 

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page

About the Author

Author's Offer

Forward by Scott House

Chapter 1   Bottom Line & Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Future?

Chapter 2  Fun Self Storage Facts

Chapter 3  Start Today 

 Twelve things you can to do this week to get off to a fast start.

Chapter 4   Why New Construction Vs. Buying Existing Facilities.

Chapter 5  Why Self Storage Now? – The 7 Top Reasons.

Chapter 6  The Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 7  Sample Development Budget & Proforma.

Chapter 8  Site Selection

Ten factors to help you make a better site selection.

Chapter 9   Site Plan Design

Thirty-three items you don’t want to forget during the design process for a better & more profitable facility.

Chapter 10   Site Plan Regulatory Approvals

Seven items you do not want to forget to bring to your Wetlands Commission meeting, for a faster approval. 

Plus, ten items you don’t want to forget to bring to your Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, which can make a huge difference. 

Chapter 11   Construction

Twenty-six items you want to remember during the construction process to save you time and money.

Chapter 12   Development/Start Up Fees Often Forgotten

Eight development/start up fees you may not be aware of.

Chapter 13  Nine Things No One Else Is Going to TellYou.

Chapter 14  Important Things You Need to Know Before You Open the Doors.

Sixteen simple items that make an enormous difference.

Chapter 15  Start Your Marketing Long Before You Open.

Twenty marketing ideas to implement prior to opening the doors for a faster rent up period.

Bonus Chapters:

Chapter 16  Why Franchising vs Management Company

Chapter 17   Storage Authority the Perfect Business for The Busy Professional.


 Start Developing Yours Today.

Money Back Guarantee!

Your Self Storage Planning - Site Selection - Design - Build is the one book you need  to read before you get in the self storage business.  Read it. Believe it. Do it.  Your future depends on it.

If you do not save hours and hours and thousands of dollars  in  your self storage development  from tips in this book I will gladly refund your money,

Just for buying  I will provide you one free self storage development phone conference and  you are also welcome to email me any time with your questions.

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Design & Build A Self Storage checklist by marc goodin

Getting Started, Land, Design, Approvals, Banking, Construction, Pre Opening Preparation & More

Love the checklist! Was exactly what I was looking for. 

Timothy W. Puffer II

This checklist is based upon Marc's work in the trenches planning, designing the 3 self Storage facilities he owns and self storage consulting services he provided for many others others. Marc prepared several Manuals (hundreds of pages) for Storage Authority Franchise owners. While they are critical to go into the details everyone needed a cheatsheet checklist to keep track of what has been done, what needs to be done next and what needs to be done in the future. 

Let this Storage Authority checklist help  you go around the self storage development minefields and make your self storage dream come true!

Table of Contents

Storage Authority Major Milestone Checklist

 Getting Started

 Pre-offer due diligence site review

 Engineering Services & Site Plan design

 Architectural services & building design

 Construction Bidding & Construction


Pre Opening Operations Checklist

Office and Site Initial Set Up Checklist

Pre Opening Marketing Checklist

Bonus 1: Land Review worksheets 

Bonus 2: Competition Review Worksheet

Bonus 3: Sample Simple Marketing Plan & Bud

You Can Do It!

A quick and easy way to make sure you are on track today and are preparing for the next and future steps fo a successful Self Storage new development project.

Just for buying  I will provide you one free self storage development phone conference and  you are also welcome to email me any time with your questions.  And of course every purchase comes with a 100% money back guarantee

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